Monday, 5 April 2010

Happy Birthday, Spring 2017

It's spring time and Phoebe Lind, née Vu, is just about to find out how painful child birth actually is. It's a good thing that her newlywed husband Samuel is standing behind her as he can't seem to keep that stupid grin off of his face.

Phoebe and Samuel get a girl and they name her Paloma Sophie Lind.

In Allerdale little Lina Marlowe turns 1 and looks exactly like her big sister Skye.

  • Lina is an exact clone of Skye, despite of using batbox to rerandomise the sim generator. Same looks, same personality.
  • I've updated the playable NPCs post.


  1. Lol: "It's a good thing that her newlywed husband Samuel is standing behind her as he can't seem to keep that stupid grin off of his face."

    I don't mind your clone toddler though, she looks adorable :P

  2. At least Skye is a cutie-pie to duplicate! With different hair styles/make up as they get older, I don't think it's that noticeable. At least from other hoods with duplicates.

    HAHA love that he's grinning behind her. I heart the name Paloma.

  3. Aww cute as a button. So how does the randomizer work on the bat box-you roll it before the baby is born?

  4. Thanks for reading :)

    Tessa, it always amuses me when the fathers-to-be look so happy while their significant other is obviously in pain.

    Maisie, actually Skye's mom and aunts are clones of each other and I've been able to hide that pretty well so I'm not that worried about Skye and Lina looking like each other.

    Apple Valley, you can roll the randomizer before the baby is born or when the sim gets pregnant, whatever is more convenient. I use it quite often to avoid clones but obviously it's not full-proof. It's explained pretty well in the lot debugger post at MATY.

  5. Aw...well, at least Lina is a cute clone! Clones get easier to tell apart as they get older and you can give them each more of a personality.

    Paloma is such a pretty name - I recently added that to my randomiser list.

    RE the bat box: I always heard you had to roll it right before the baby was born. That makes sense to me, because if you reload, the baby often has different genetics, meaning genetics are decided at birth and not conception. Maybe that's why Lina is a clone?

    Although, I roll the randomiser every time I play and I've still ended up with two sets of clones!

  6. Carla, we seem to like the same names. I've wanted to name a sim Paloma for a long time and now it finally came up on the randomiser.

    I think you're absolutely right about the bat box, you have to roll the randomiser right before the baby is born. I don't know what I was talking about earlier LOL