Friday, 15 October 2010

Happy Birthday, Winter 2020

Alexa and Will Harper bring home their new born daughter Jena Caitlin. Their twin boys are excited to meet their little sister.

Jena has black hair and brown eyes just like her big brothers but her skin is lighter.

Little Brady Cooper celebrates his first birthday in the family's new house in Exmoor.

There are four new pre-schoolers this year: Connor Harper...

and his twin brother Dane.

Connor and Dane will be joined by James Cooper.

Lina Marlowe will be the only girl in her class.

Aaron Hayes starts high school this year. Aaron is a Family sim and wants to become the Chief of Police one day.

Aaron's twin brother Ethan wants to have a career in the military and become a General. He's a Romance sim.

Emily Midlock, who is the spitting image of her mother, seeks Knowledge and plans to get into the world of architecture by becoming a City Planner when she grows up.

Frieda Robinson is a Popularity sim but she also wants a family since her biggest dream is to marry off six children.

Liv Harris has graduated with a 4.0 GPA and is ready to leave Brixton Academy.

Her parents Deacon and Stella and little brother Finn have come to celebrate her big day.

Naturally her boyfriend Niall is also invited to the low-key party.

Liv has moved into the last vacant unit at Rochester Grove Apartments. She's working as a Street Musician while she waits for her big break in the music industry.

  • And this is how we kicked off year 2020 in Wellington!
  • Liv is working on a custom career because I don't really like the default music career. I mean, Symphony Conductor gets promoted to a Rock God, WTF?! You can find the Rock Star career here.


  1. Happy Birthday Simmies!

    I really like how you structured this post.

  2. Heredoncove, thanks. I tried to keep it short because there were so many birthdays.

  3. All your sims are so good looking!

  4. gallowaytownship, thanks :) They have good genes ;)

  5. Oh my gosh, so much cute! I think Dane and James are so sweet looking, especially.

    Emily really does look like Rianna - I almost thought that was Rianna!

    Liv is looking great too - in her grad pic, she's looking a lot like Stella! Finn seems to look more like Deacon.

  6. Carla, Dane and James are my favorite birthday kids too.

    Emily and Sara and I think Jesse too all look exactly like Rianna. Bad batboxing from my part.

    I looked closely at the Burrows-Harris family picture and noticed that Liv has Deacon's eyes but otherwise looks like Stella. Finn has Stella's eyes but otherwise looks like Deacon. Cool :)

  7. Everyone looks great! I really like the Midlocks, and Emily is no exception!

    Lina is adorable, she has a unique face with her nose/eyes/bridge.

    Connor and Dane are adorable. All of them are though!

  8. Maisie, I like the Midlocks too although I wish at least one of the kids looked like Anthony.

    I kind of thought that Lina looked exactly like her big sister Skye but now that you said it, I started looking at their pics again and they look different!

    I love Connor and Dane, they are so cute. I can't wait to play them at school!

  9. Welcome little Jena Caitlin. The boys sure gave her a welcome :)

    Happy birthday to all the rest!

    James Cooper is a pretty boy.
    And Emily Midlock sure looks a lot like her mother!

    Oh my, Liv looks great! She always was a pretty sim, but now she looks stunning!
    Wich posepox did you use for the picture of Niall and Liv?

  10. Tanja, thank you for reading :)

    James sure is a very cute little boy. All the Midlock kids look like their mother. I haven't used the batbox for very long so some of the siblings in Wellington are each others' clones.

    I agree that Liv looks really stunning now. I tried several hairstyles on her but this was my favorite.
    I used Abby's Posebox 19 for the pic of Niall and Liv. You can find it here: