Monday, 4 October 2010


Round 13: Autumn 2019
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Alexander and Bobbie Greene are 68, Patsy and Camryn are 28 and Mia is 5.

Narrated by Camryn Greene

Patsy and I have been talking a lot lately about having another child. Mia is already 5 and we feel we're all ready for a new addition to our family. Adopting Mia was a great experience so we wouldn't mind doing it again. We've also talked about other options, mainly artificial insemination. Patsy has always wanted to get pregnant so she would be the one carrying the child.

We finally decided we would get information about the fertility treatments. Neither of us really know how the process will go but we'll contact the hospital to see if they do these kind of things.

We helped Mia with her homework that same night and then asked how would she feel if she got a little sister or brother.

"I could play with the baby and help you take care of it" she said with her eyes glistening with joy.

She calls us Mama and Mommy which is adorable. I never thought I'd be much of a parent but I love that little girl so much.

We called the hospital the next day and got Patsy an appointment with a doctor. They want to do a full health check before talking to us both. We're both nervous and excited at the same time.

Doctor Grace Cooper called us when Patsy's lab results were ready and we went to the hospital to meet her.

"The lab results revealed nothing that would prevent you from getting pregnant so on my part you qualify for the procedure. You need to have a talk with our counceling psychologist to make sure you can handle the treatments and the possibility of not getting pregnant. But it's mostly just routine because in your case you most likely don't have to go through extensive fertility treatments" she explained and said we could meet the psychologist the same day.

We didn't talk much while we sat waiting to be called in. I guess we were both just trying to stay calm.

Psychologist Tina Grundstrom called us in and told us that she had handled these kind of things in her previous job as well. We talked for about 1,5 hours.

"I think we're done here. I don't see any point in denying you from the treatments. I've read your adoption papers and to my knowledge you two make great parents and are more than capable of handling this situation. Just call me or Grace if you have any questions or want to talk" she said.

I remember how hesitant I was at first to live with my in-laws but I couldn't be happier with our living arrangements. Mia is lucky to be able to spend so much time with her grandparents.

Mia is a bit of a tomboy so she loves tinkering and sports. She and Alexander throw football in the yard almost every day.

Bobbie was recently promoted to City Planner so she works mostly at home nowadays. She's in charge of leading all of the town's development projects so she has plenty of work to do. It's nice that there's always someone to welcome Mia home after school.

I think Bobbie enjoys spending more time at home. She has always worked long hours and now she's finally able to take a few days off whenever she wants to. She's still not retiring though. She says she needs something to keep herself busy because after a few days at home she gets bored and it's great to get back to work then.

Bobbie and Alexander have been married for almost 20 years now so they threw an impromptu anniversary party. The house was full of family and everyone was looking their very best.

We were looking at Bobbie and her sister Vicki when Patsy suddenly said that we might get twins.

"You know, my mom is a twin and she had triplets. Those kind of things usually run in the family so who knows how many babies we'll have" she said with a huge grin on her face. I know she wants many children but I'd settle for one at a time! She still has to get pregnant so I'm not worrying too much - at least not yet.

It was so nice to see everyone. Patsy's relatives have always made me feel like I'm part of the family. Alexander had some problems accepting the fact that his daughter had a girlfriend but we get along very well now. Janie's boyfriend Danny looked a bit nervous at first when he was talking to Alexander but they seemed to have a good conversation.

Charlie and Brooke are so sweet together. Patsy's cousins Thomas and Stephen were actually making a bet which couple would get engaged first - Charlie and Brooke or Dixie and Tom. I would put my money on Charlie and Brooke. We're all kind of waiting for him to pop the question but he hasn't done it yet.

It was a great party. Bobbie looked so happy all the time, not even Patrick's terrible table manners were able to swipe that smile off her face.

  • Title reference: Vertigo by U2.
  • Bobbie rolled the ros to skip two days off work.She had 10 vacation days so it didn't have any consequences. Instead she got promoted when she went to work and reached the top of the Architecture career.
  • I'll probably get Patsy pregnant by some random townie within the next couple of years. It'll be an unanonymous donor so the father won't have anything to do with the baby in the future.


  1. Loved the scene in the hospital, for some reason I thought that she would be pregnant by the end of the update. How are you going to deal with the chance that the procedure doesn't work? I have a couple that I only allowed them a certain number of casual woohoos each round. If they got pregnant-yea, if not, they had to pay for another round. I was thinking that it would take a while, but nope-they got pregnant pretty quickly.

  2. I'm excited they are going to expand their family. How crazy would it be if they had twins!?! They'd definitely take Mia up on her offer to help out.

    I'm curious how you'll do the procedure too, just use Insim? Or actual woohoo so theres a chance at fail/twins?

  3. I was actually thinking about doing the same thing with my Sya and Marie, but haven't really thought about it, since they are getting married first.
    Are you going to get Patsy pregnan with the "have baby with..."-option from the Simblender/Insim? Or how are you going to do this?

    The anniversaryparty looks great!

    I think I'm going to bet on Brooke and Charlie too, to get engaged first :)

  4. I was expecting her to be pregnant by the end of the update too, but it's more realistic to do it this way. ;) Is there free health care in Wellington, or will they have to pay for the insemination?

    I'm so excited about Camryn and Patsy having another kid (or two)! Will you use the "Have Random by [whoever]" option on InSim? That's what I'm planning on for Rose and Joanna, if I make them have another kid.

  5. I'm excited, too... and curious about how you will work it. I've got a female couple who want another child (like Camryn and Patsy they have an adopted one), and I'm thinking of having a random townie 'donor' father. I'd use insim for it.

    I like the anniversary party, seems you get at least one person with really bad table manners at any sim gathering :)

  6. Wow, so many comments! Thank you all for reading :)

    Apple Valley, thanks, I like how the hospital scene turned out. I haven't really thought about how I would deal with the possiblity of fail. Maybe this time Patsy and Camryn are just lucky and it works ;)

    Maisie, I'm actually hoping for twins. I haven't decided how I'll work around the number of babies. I'll use insim to get Patsy pregnant. I just don't see her woohooing with a man, even if it's only "for science".

    Tanja, I'll use insim. As I said to Maisie, I won't make Patsy woohoo with a man. She's 100% lesbian :)

    I'm glad the anniversary party at least looked great. It was a pain to play, my game crashed twice!

    I think I would bet on Brooke and Charlie too. Dixie is really concentrated on her career right now so I don't see her getting married and starting a family just yet.

    Carla, I was considering getting her pregnant right away but decided to wait. I'll probably pop in their household to get her pregnant some time next year. Some of the health care is free but there are fees for "special treatments" such as fertility treatments and plastic surgery. This family can well afford the fee though, they have about €90,000 in cash! That's one more thing for my to-do list: come up with fees for the hospital.

    There's a "Have Random by..." option in InSim?! I'm definitely going to use that. Is it possible she could get quadruplets that way?

    Blackcat, I'll use insim too. It's the easiest way.

    It would be nice if sims could eat differently according to where they are. I'm quite a slob at home but I'd never eat like that in a restaurant!

  7. No, no quads - just twins or a singleton. Only the Triplets & Quads hack can give you quads - I know you're very familiar with that hack already. ;)

  8. Carla, oh cool! I'm going to use that feature then so it'll be a surprise for me too :) And yes, I'm familiar with the triplets & quads hack. I'm still tempted to hit the "random" button sometimes though ;)

  9. I like the artifical insemation idea. I have been thinking about doing that in the future of my gay or infertile couples. But so far, I haven't needed to do it.

    I can't wait to see if they have twins or more. I don't think I could use the triplet or quad hack. I can barely handle twins

  10. oasisvalley, thanks for reading :)

    I try to keep my game somewhat realistic so artificial insemination or adoption are pretty much the only options for my gay couples.

    I can't wait either! She's not pregnant yet. I won't be using the triplets&quads hack for this couple so they'll either have one baby or twins.