Monday, 11 October 2010


Round 13: Autumn 2019
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Max Fielding is 63, Regan is 55 and Lilly is 14.
(Josh is 14, Iona and Skye are 7, Jett and Kyra are 5 and Lina is 3.)

Narrated by Regan Fielding

Max and I had a bit of a rough start with Lilly's boyfriend two years ago when our butler caught them making out in the hot tub. Lilly was grounded for a couple of months after that incident but now we allow them to see each other quite often. He seems like a nice guy and they have been dating for two years which is very long for teenagers. We usually only allow him to come over when one of us is home.

They're pushing the limits sometimes though. Like the other day when I came home from work only to find them in the kitchen with Lilly's hands on his butt.

I just raised my eyebrows at her and she immediately lifted her hands higher. I like seeing her happy and I do remember what it's like to be young and in love.

She's a good girl. She always does her homework without me having to nag her and she reads a lot. She's really determined to go to college and become a teacher like Nyah.

I now work in the lab at the hospital. I'm the only researcher so the work load is huge but luckily doctor Tori George helps me out.

She works at the lab two days a week and usually does all the testing and also writes down most of my notes so she's a big help.

This way I get to concentrate on research for most of my time. The lab is small but it has top-notch equipment and good funding so it's a joy to work there.

I usually eat at the cafeteria although I've learned to check that it's empty before I go there. Some people think that I want to hear their anamnesis and guess a diagnosis just because I work at the hospital. I don't even remember how many times I've said "I'm not a doctor" during one week!

I enjoy work but I want to focus on my family too. Nyah and Erin were complaining some time ago that I never spend any time with my grandkids. I realized that they were right. Nowadays we have the kids over quite often on my days off.

I was very focused on my career when our girls were little. I know I'm lucky to have such great relationships with them.

We have plenty of room in our house so I've bought toys and put them in the room next to the kitchen. The kids love playing together and I love watching them play.

It's so nice to see that they're all friends. Lina is too little to play with the others but they always take time to play peek-a-boo with her or sit with her while she plays on the doll house.

Even Lilly participates, usually by barbecuing hot dogs or hamburgers. She's quite a good cook for her age.

She gives Lina a milk bottle and plays with her while the other kids eat. I know she's going to be a great mother one day. I just hope that day doesn't come anytime soon!

We've had the sex talk with her and we have an agreement that we'll talk again if and when she starts thinking about having sex. Max says I'm being paranoid but I think one teen mom in our family was enough.

Seeing our grandkids at our dining table kind of makes me regret that we didn't have more kids. But I'm really happy with what we've got.

  • Title reference: Sleepwalker by Adam Lambert.
  • I had the weirdest glitch with this family. Every sim they knew had lost all relationship data about them. For example Josh had all the memories of kissing Lilly and going steady with her but she wasn't in his relationships panel at all. I finally ended up fixing everything in SimPE. It took ages but everything's back to normal(ish) now. I still get about 2 crashes every play session but I'm getting kind of used to it.
  • I had a few options where Regan could work but since the hospital already has a lab I thought I'd just make her work there. Future science sims could also work in a military base or at a police station (but I have to build those first).
  • I decided that Max will stay as a Summer Camp Music Teacher for the rest of his work life. Wouldn't be very realistic for a 63-year-old man to be working as a roadie. This way I can pretend that he's teaching music to underprivileged kids somewhere :)


  1. I hope you find out what's causing the glitch soon.

    Wow, that's a lot of grandkids in the playroom and I loved the hospital scenes. I've been thinking about doing the same thing with my science career sims, one works in the hospital, the other works with an environmental firm.

  2. Wow... all those grandkids in one room! That's a brave grandma!
    What a gorgeous family they are.

  3. Glad you fixed the relationships problem but wow, two crashes per session?! I hope your game doesn't take as long to load as mine does!

    Wow, I didn't realise Max and Regan had so many grandkids until you put them all together! So cute and it's really nice that they have toys at their grandparents' place too. Jace and Magdalena have some toys in their backyard for their grandkids.

    I'm glad to see Lilly has such a good relationship with her mum, that she'd agree to go to her when she's thinking of having sex. I guess what happened to Erin would probably be a concern for her too!

  4. I can only imagine how frustrating the crashing is. It can really turn you off the game.

    It's great that Regan is enjoying her grandkids and they're smart to keep their eyes on Lilly even if she is a bit young.

  5. Apple Valley, I don't know what caused the glitch but it's fixed now.

    I didn't feel like building a separate lab for the science sims. That's a good idea to have them work in an environmental firm too.

    gallowaytownship, luckily the grandkids behave quite well. No pillow fights this time. I really like this family :)

    Carla, my game loads in about 10-12 minutes so it's not that bad but it's really frustrating. I've learned to save very often!

    5 grandkids, 4 of which are by Nyah and Thomas. This is a huge house, they have so much space that there's still one room that is completely empty!

    I think what happened to Erin has had a huge impact on this family. Lilly loves her big sister but she doesn't want to become a teenage mom.

    heredoncove, it's really frustrating and often after a crash I just don't feel like going back to the game. I've started recognizing the possible crashing issues though so I can try to avoid them now.

    Regan has been a very absent grandmother so far. I realized she hadn't even met Lina before this so I thought it was about time she starts spending time with them! My sims aren't allowed to start woohooing until they're 15 so it's not really an issue with Lilly yet but next year, who knows?!

  6. I hope you get the crashing fixed soon, I hate it when that happens, and it hardly ever happens to me, I think I would cry my game crashed every time I play it... but I cry very easy, eventually I'll give up, I'm glad you didn't though.

    That's a great idea to add a lab to the hospital for your sciencesims, I might take it from you. I already have a lab at the policestation, but that for the sims working in intelligence.
    I like the pictures of all the grandchildren in one room playing, it looks so home-y (I don't know how to write it :s)
    Lilly and Josh have been together for 2 year already?! Didn't think it was that long :) They do look cute together :)

  7. I love the pic of Reagan dancing with the grandkids :).....Quite a brood isn't it?! I'm sorry to hear about your crashes, I know how annoying that can be. I had to switch my capture button for FRAPS because for some reason hitting print screen was causing the game to crash.....I've been using that button for months but who knows why things happen with the sims lol. Hope you get it fixed soon and a lab in the hospital is a great idea!

  8. Tanja, I hope I get it fixed too. It's frustrating but as I wrote in Carla's reply, I've learned to hit the save button quite often so I rarely lose stuff anymore.

    I try to think of different places for some careers and the hospital and the science career seemed like a good match. That's a good idea to have the intelligence sims working at the lab at the police station.

    Lilly and Josh have been dating "officially" for about 1,5 years now. They started early.

    Mizzgin03, I'm glad you like the pic. I didn't even have to set it up, it was all completely autonomous.

    That's odd that you had to switch the capture button. I use F1 for the Gadwin PrintScreen because it's so conveniently close. I don't think that's causing the problem for me. I've tried to think of reasons why I get so many crashes but I haven't figured it out.

  9. Lily is adorable! And I love all the grandkids playing and eating.

    I like that she's working at the hospital, and lol on her saying she's not a doctor. I can see how people would be confused with her outfit.

    It's funny she wishes she had more, cause 3 isn't a small family by any means!

  10. Maisie, Regan's about the only grandmother in my game who doesn't have any kind of relationship with her grandchildren. It was about time she started. Although there are grandmothers like that IRL so maybe I should've left things the way they were.

    I can totally relate to Regan being approached by the patients. I worked as a secretary in a hospital some years ago and it happened to me even though I didn't even wear an uniform, just my own clothes that look nothing like a nurse's or doctor's outfit.

    The Fielding girls have quite big age differences so I think it's like Regan wishes she had more kids that were about the same age. Nyah is 9 years older than Erin and Erin is 10 years older than Lilly so they've never been kids at the same time. Three kids is not a small family but then again I seem to be incapable of denying my sims of having more and more kids, lol.