Sunday, 7 February 2010

Autumn 2015 birthdays

Grace Cooper is expecting her third child with husband Sam. The baby is due in winter 2016 so Grace and Sam are preparing the nursery for the newcomer.

In Allerdale Nyah and Thomas Marlowe are recovering from the shock of her getting pregnant again. Their 4th child will be arriving in spring 2016.

It's a happy day in the Greene household. Patsy and Camryn have adopted a beautiful 18-month-old girl called Mia. They were prepared to wait months, even years so they feel extremely blessed to have become parents so shortly after being approved by the adoption agency.

Bobbie and Alexander have been waiting for their first grandchild for a long time and now she's here.

Welcome to Wellington, Mia Rhiannon Greene!

  • Mia was created in CAS using Patsy and Camryn's features so she'll look a bit like them when she grows up but has different coloring.
  • So far it looks like Nyah is having ONE baby but she does have the twins benefit so we'll just have to wait and see how many babies she'll have. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it'll be just one :)


  1. Mia is a cutie and I love her name. Wow, if Nyah had twins-yikes, that's going to be a stress on the young family.

  2. Awww, I'm so happy for all of these families but especially Patsy and Camryn! I love those two.

    Wow...I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that Nyah's not baking two buns in that oven of hers! Four kids will be challenge enough!

  3. Apple Valley, I like Mia's name a lot too and I think she looks adorable with that hair.

    Carla, I couldn't wait any longer to let Patsy and Camryn adopt. They looked so happy when the social worker brought Mia and the whole family is doting around her now.

    I really do hope Nyah won't get twins. Four kids with the oldest being 5 would be enough without another set of twins!