Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Shape of my heart

Round 11: Summer 2015
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Nyah Marlowe is 29, Thomas is 28, Skye is 3 and Jett and Kyra are 1.
(Vicki is 64.)

Narrated by Nyah Marlowe

Life seems pretty hectic and insane at the moment. Having three toddlers in the house means chaos and disorder! The twins are impossible when it's time to eat. Kyra always steals the bottle from Jett even though she has her own - I guess the formula tastes better when you've stolen it. And then Jett of course cries his little butt off. Skye acts like the big sister and waits for her turn patiently.

After they're done it feels like the floor is full of baby bottles. It's hard to get anything done especially when Thomas is at work. I barely have time to eat nowadays.

I'm not complaining - I mean this is the way I want to live my life but sometimes I wish I could fall asleep and wake up when all our kids have started school! Although I think that I'd miss them because I love them so much. I definitely want more kids but maybe we'll wait a few years until we start trying again.

Thomas is so great with the kids. I know he's tired when he comes home from work but he always makes sure that he spends time with all our little angels.

Thomas's mom has been helping us a lot. The school is closed during the summer but I have to give a few lectures at university and Vicki's always ready to babysit. She's had some health issues in the past but she says that she will be deeply hurt if we ask anyone else. My mom's still working so we can't ask her and dad is currently teaching music at the kids' summer camp so Vicki is actually our only choice.

She usually stays until Thomas comes home from work. She says I need some quality time for myself sometimes and she also loves to see Thomas and hear how things are going in the law firm. Thomas just got promoted to Paralegal so he's getting closer to being a real lawyer.

We've done some renovations on the house. We built an extension so we can have a nice living room downstairs and get more bedrooms upstairs. Skye will start school in a couple of years so she'll need a room that has space for at least a bed and a desk and the twins are growing bigger every minute. They can't sleep in our bedroom forever.

We bought two more cribs from the second-hand store. They turned out nice with some new paint and new linens. We put the cribs on our new porch so they're not in direct sunlight. The twins seem to love sleeping outside.

We don't get out of the house much so it's nice that our friends come to visit us. Camryn was in college at the same time with Thomas although she graduated a couple of years later than him. She's now married to his cousin Patsy and they live near-by.

I've been really tired lately and I got a bit suspicious so I took a pregnancy test. It was positive! I'm not quite sure how this happened - well I know how it happened but I've been using birth control since the twins were born so this is quite a surprise. Thomas was thrilled when I told him and I'm very happy too even though I said we would wait a few years.

  • Title from "Shape of my heart" by Sting
  • Nyah was supposed to be on BC but apparently she wasn't! I've been switching to ACR BC from InTeen BC and obviously I'm not that familiar with it yet. So she's pregnant again. Which I'm actually happy about because their kids are so adorable! The baby is due in Spring 2016 if everything goes well.
  • Skye is aging to child next winter which makes me very happy. It's insane to play a household with three toddlers!


  1. Wow, it seems like a lot of simmers are having issues with their birth control, thank goodness it hasn't hit my hood yet. Do the twins sleep on the porch because of lack of living space in the house?

  2. I was under the impression that BC in ACR was foolproof and the one in INTEEN wasn't. I think you should make sure the BC is on both the hubby and the wife to be sure!

  3. And now it looks like it's hit Wellington too! Goodness, 4 kids! And they're all going to be pretty close together in age - thankfully, you're aging up Skye soon!

    You should be an old pro at three toddlers in the house by now though, Cissie, after your adventures with the Random button from the Triplets & Quads hack!

    LaToya, ACR BC is definitely not foolproof! I've had three ACR birth control failures this round! LOL.

  4. Apple Valley, it's quite common in Finland that babies take their naps outside in their prams even during winter when it's not too cold. The twins sleep in their parents' bedroom at night because I haven't built the new rooms yet. There's space for about 3-4 bedrooms.

    LaToya, as Carla said, many simmers have had babies born in their games even with ACR BC.

    Carla, I guess I'm an old pro when it comes to many toddlers in one household but I had forgotten how hard it is! I'm so glad that Skye will age up before the baby is born.

    In a few years the Allerdale Elementary School will be overpopulated by the Marlowe kids!

  5. Oh wow, another little one. They sure do make cutie pies. Skye starting school should help Nyah (replace a toddler with a newborn, lol). But Skye can play with the twins when she's home from school and help entertain them.

    The picture of them fighting for the bottle is cute; I've never seen that before.

  6. You're right, Maisie, Skye is already in school when I play them the next time. And the baby has aged to toddler by then.

    Toddlers fight for bottles if they're hungry and the other one gets a bottle first. Nyah gave Jett the bottle but Kyra snapped it from him!