Saturday, 6 February 2010

Family affair

Round 11: Summer 2015
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Greg Newman is 22.

Dear Erin,

I've settled nicely into my new home here on Kalaupapa Island. I hope you and Iona are both doing well. I think about you all the time and miss you very much.

I spent the first few weeks seeing the sights. The ancient ruins were so interesting that I've visited them many times already.

The beach is quite close to the camping grounds so I've been swimming in the ocean and just relaxing. I didn't realize how stressed I was about everything until I came here.

The people on the island are very nice. They've made me feel very welcome and although I miss you very much I feel like this could become my second home.

I've been thinking a lot about the mistakes I've made in the past. Part of me thinks that maybe moving here was just another mistake. I feel guilty for leaving you and Iona but trust me, I'm coming back once I get my head back together. I'm no use for anyone at this point.

I've been painting quite a lot and also started to learn how to make pottery. The camping ground is owned by some old bohemian artist who lets all the visitors use his equipment freely. I've been selling my stuff on the beach boardwalk. I'm not very good but the tourists seem to like my creations.

I was a bit nervous at first about staying in the tent but it's not as bad as I thought. And it's free so I'm saving most of the money I make with the paintings and the pottery. I'll try to send you some money when I have saved some more. Kiss Iona for me. I love you both very much.

Forever yours, Greg.

  • Title reference: Family affair by Mary J. Blige
  • Greg left Wellington in the spring so I thought it was a good time for the first update. I'll play him again probably in the winter or spring 2016.


  1. Greg is starting to lose his edge and become a bit more likable now. I guess he has a chance to redeem himself, but I really don't want him to get back with Erin-but it's up to them of course. At least he's trying, which counts.

  2. I still haven't decided whether they'll get back together or not. If they don't, Greg will become a playable NPC. He has a lot of issues to work out before he can be a real partner for anyone. I don't want to break Erin's heart again.

  3. I think I'll have to watch Greg to see if he's really changed before I decide whether I think he's worthy of Erin again! It seems like he has but you never can tell.

    And side note, but I didn't realise you could use the pottery wheel and easel on vacation. That's a good way to make money for really poor Sims who might have high creativity. I haven't checked the funds of the Sim I have to send away this round, so I'm taking notes, LOL!

  4. I haven't determined yet how long Greg will stay in Kalaupapa Island but probably at least for two years. I'm keeping an close eye on him. If he starts messing around with other women then that's it for him.

    I wasn't sure if sims could use the easel and pottery wheel on vacation. Greg is my guinea pig for a lot of things. They can use the pottery wheel but they can't access the inventory so they'll either have to make the pottery one item at a time or sell them when the sim comes back from holiday. I also have modified easel which has the option for "continuous paint and sell" which is great if the sim wants to earn some money.