Saturday, 13 February 2010

Come into my world

Round 11: Autumn 2015

Principal Nyah Marlowe is 29.
Students: Liv Harris is 17, Nena Kirby is 15, Stephen Marlowe and Cassie Hooper are 14 and Eddie Baldwin and Drake Saunders are 13.

Nyah has heard that there's some bad blood between Liv and Drake so she calls them to her office right in the beginning of the semester.

"I want you to promise me that you will respect the rules of this school and act politely towards each other" she says. Liv tries to act like she doesn't know what Nyah is talking about.

"I heard you two had a huge fight at Generation X during the summer. Don't even think about repeating that here or you'll be both suspended from school for two weeks immediately" Nyah continues. She knows that this kind of behaviour has to be stopped right away.

"Well I know that I can behave" Liv says. "I can't say the same thing about Drake though."

She stops talking after receiving a warning look from Nyah. Finally the two battling egos agree to behave properly and after shaking hands they are free to go.

In the meantime the other students get settled into the school. Cassie thinks she looks superfly with her new haircut. If Stephen doesn't fall for this then there's something wrong with him.

Eddie on the other hand finds Nena jumping on the sofa in the corridor. This kind of behaviour is definitely not accepted by the school rules either but Eddie thinks that Nena is super-cute!

Nyah is happy to see that most students take their studies seriously. Cassie, Nena, Stephen and Liv usually start the gradework without any complaints.

Eddie and Drake seem a bit more difficult. Drake especially is constantly complaining that gradework is boring and Eddie usually follows his example. Nyah thinks that it might be a good idea not to let these two boys sit together.

Liv is still the Queen Bee of Wellington High. Only the cool kids can sit at her table in the caf├ęteria. Liv likes Nena's quirky style and she has a soft spot for Stephen who reminds her of her little brother.

Cassie looks up to Liv - a bit too much if you ask Liv. She follows Liv everywhere, even in the girls' bathroom. Liv likes to be adored but she doesn't like to be stalked!

Stephen gets away with anything. Secretly Liv likes Stephen for his braveness - he doesn't seem intimidated by her reputation as the bad-tempered ruler of the school.

The music room is still unfinished so the kids get a break from gradework in the arts and crafts class. Stephen and Drake enjoy tinkering with robots and toys. Other kids like the more artistic equipment better.

Eddie is 2 years younger than Nena but maybe it's his boyish charm that she finds so appealing. Nyah has noticed that these two might be on a verge of a teen romance but she doesn't mind as long as it doesn't affect their school work. She still remembers what it was like to be at that age and fall in love for the first time.

  • Title from" Come into my world" by Kylie Minogue
  • Liv and Drake are enemies and they constantly try to poke, shove and slap each other. I think it all started at Generation X when I was playing the Marlowe household. They had a huge fight there but it didn't really fit into the update so I ignored it then. I guess that one nice point is finally kicking in for Liv.
  • I hate the bug that makes pregnant women look like they're ready to pop when they go on a community lot! Nyah is on second trimester, not giving birth any minute.


  1. Nena is a funky quirky girl! I hope she makes it into more updates. I like the fact that you include information about non-playables. I think I might start infusing my game with more non-playbles to give my teens some options.

  2. I'm surprised that you didn't mention that Cassie and Liv were wearing the same outfit. that clearly screams "stalker". lol

  3. Thanks for reading :)

    Apple Valley, I like Nena's style so hopefully she'll make more appearances. I'm including the townie teens in these school updates because Wellington High would seem pretty vacant without them.

    If this thing between Eddie and Nena gets more serious then they might become my first playable NPC couple.

    La Toya, I was going to mention the outfits but I forgot!

  4. Nena is very funky looking and Eddie certainly seems infatuated! I didn't know you had so many playable NPCs.

    Ha, Cassie is totally single-white-femaling Liv! I love Cassie in the mirror too.

  5. Carla, I don't actually have any playable NPC's (yet). Cassie, Eddie, Drake and Nena are all townies but I just pretend I'm aging them. They're actually the same old townies I've had since the beginning of Wellington but I gave them new names and makeovers after round 10.

    I don't have many playable teens at the moment so the school would look so empty without the townie kids.

    Cassie is a bit creepy LOL! She stood there waiting for Liv to get out of the booth so she could interact with her. I love the mirror animation... "Check self out" or something like that.