Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Only happy when it rains

Round 11: Autumn 2015

Principal Rianna Midlock is 45 and Patsy Greene is 24.
Students: Zach and Dawn Whitfield are 11, Finn Harris, Lilly Fielding and Josh Cooper are 10, Aaron and Ethan Hayes, Frieda Robinson and Emily Midlock are 7, Sara Midlock is 6 and Riley Cooper is 5.

Patsy has one new student in her class this semester as Riley Cooper starts pre-school. The kids seem quite enthusiastic about school after their summer vacation so Patsy puts them straight to work.

The older kids have their first P.E. class indoors. The school has gone through a minor renovation during the summer and there are a lot more activities for the students. The girls choose to practice ballet and Finn wants to try that too.

Josh and Zach think that ballet is for girls. They much rather practise kickboxing on the punch bags.

Rianna is the principal but in a small school like this she still needs to do playground duty every now and then. At least it's not raining like most of the days when the kids come out to play!

It seems there's some kind of battle of the minds going on in the playground. Lilly and Finn hang on the monkey bars for ages just staring at each other. The match ends unresolved as Rianna tells the kids it's time to get back inside.

Riley seems to fit in quite nicely. The Hayes twins are only 2 years older and they take him gladly into their circle of friends.

The art classroom has been moved upstairs. It's a bit smaller than the old one but there's still plenty of room for all kids.

Rianna has been dreaming of having a music room ever since she started teaching at AES.

Her initial dream was to buy some classical instruments like a piano and some violins but they were too expensive. The synthesizers and microphones will have to do until the school gets more funds.

The kids have already gone home but Rianna has to stay a bit longer and take care of the administrative tasks of a principal. She checks her email and almost gets a heart attack. The school has gotten a huge donation, €70,000 to be exact! This means wonderful things for the future: they can replace the old desks with new ones, get more instruments and maybe even hire a third teacher! The school year couldn't have started any better!

  • Title from "Only happy when it rains" by Garbage
  • The kids love the music room. They love it so much that the shool got enough customer loyalty stars to go up two ranks during this one play session! That's where the €70,000 comes from! I can't wait to renovate the school even more!
  • I need more sims on the education career. Both AES and Wellington High need more teachers.


  1. Oh, wow, two ranks! That's amazing!

    I loved Finn on the ballet barre. He's a real man, see? He's secure in his masculinity!

    The part of the school building next to your playground looks really similar to one of the demountable kindergarten classrooms at the school I teach it. I really like that part of your school.

    Is that a new hairstyle for Rianna? She looks really cute with it.

  2. Finn bolted to the ballet barre right away, he wanted to make sure he got to practice his ballet moves.

    The school building is loosely based on the small village school which I attended as a kid. I'm glad you like it. It's a bit small but I think I can fit another classroom there so I can have three classes. It has a weird sentimental value to me so I don't want to build a new school.

    Rianna has a new hairstyle. She turned 45 which is the age where I add the first wrinkles to my sims. I though she'd want a more mature hairstyle as well. It really suits her.

  3. Wow, what a large donation! I can't wait to see the changes she makes to the school.

    Hmm, I like that you have an age where you first start to add wrinkle. I might nip that from you as well as any "mature" hairstyles you profile.

  4. Apple Valley, feel free to nip any ideas :)

    There probably won't be any huge changes to the school. I might divide Rianna's huge classroom into two smaller ones. I'm hoping to get a third teacher so I can divide the kids into three separate classes instead of the two that I have now.

  5. That's some music room you got there! LOL 2 ranks! Awesome! I think my school has climb maybe one rank and it took a whole school year. LOL I know they are glad for that money!

  6. Riverdale, I'll definitely buy some violins now that they can afford it. I guess the school was one or two stars away from one rank and then got enough to go up two ranks. I was amazed!