Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Happy Birthday, Winter 2018

Special delivery for Janie and Danny! They're about to meet their baby right now.

Welcome to the world, Bridget Estella Greene-Cooper! She has blonde hair and green eyes.

Mia Greene turns 4 and will start pre-school this year.

She will be joined by the Marlowe twins, Jett...

... and Kyra.

Erin Fielding graduated from Brixton University with a 3.6 GPA. Not bad for a single mom! She and her daughter Iona now live in a small rental house in Allerdale, near Erin's sister Nyah's family. Eventually Erin wants to become a lawyer and she's currently working as a maid to put her through law school.

  • Bridget has blonde hair! It's a miracle. Both her parents are redheads, and 3 of her four grandparents are redheads. The blonde hair comes from Cal, Danny's father.
  • Erin is in law school getting her masters degree but I don't really know what the h*ll I'm going to do with that. It just sounds fancy. She'll just probably pay a lot of money and then after two years she'll get to work on the law career.


  1. Everyone looks so darn pretty! (I know you use Pooklet's skins, but did you know that he just uploaded 55 (!) geneticized skins? They're like MPL v2. There are no defaults so you should be able to use them as in-betweens for your game. Just a FYI ;)).

    Sometimes I just love the genetics. Once on a legacy I was doing, the third gen was twins. The dominant hair was black, so imagine how shocked I was that the twin girls were a blonde (from townie mom) and redhead (from founder grandmom).

  2. Edit: I just checked your resources and it looks like you changed your defaults. Shame on me for not checking beforehand. I like jess's stuff too. I have three sets of geneticized eyes from her and use her freckled gen skins. She's awesome.

  3. Everyone looks adorable! Does Kyra have freckles or something, or is that just me? Bridget is adorable!!!!! I love her :P

  4. Yay, welcome Bridget! Blonde hair - that was a surprise! I was sure you'd get a redhead.

    I have Patience's boyfriend Rob doing law school right now and I make him write a novel every time I play him, to count as his papers. If he was a regular playable, I'd probably show him working with Kirstin or Athena as an intern as well.

  5. LaurelCrossing, yeah, I changed my defaults but only about a week ago so it's understandable you haven't noticed.

    I love the genetics too. It's so great to have surprises when it comes to haircolor etc.

    Tessa, Kyra does have freckles. They're harder to notice because she has the medium skintone but they are there :)

    Carla, I was sure Bridget would be a redhead so I was very surprised. I'm very happy about it because I have so many redheads already.

    Those are good ideas about the law school. I think I'll make Erin write novels too. I need an office building before I can make her work with Thomas, he's the only sim in the law career ATM.

  6. Yea! I'm so proud of Erin for graduating with such high marks and raising a beautiful child as well.

  7. Apple Valley, Erin has done really well. I'm so happy for her :)

  8. LOL on Erin just paying a bunch of money then getting to be in the law field. I'm so proud of Erin for graduating and with such a high GPA.

    Bridget is going to be adorable as heck I'm sure of it, I love that she got Cal's blonde hair.

    All those preschoolers are adorable.

  9. Maisie, I'm proud of Erin too. She did incredibly well.

    I'm already anxious to age Bridget up to see what she looks like as a toddler. I was so excited about the blonde hair :)