Sunday, 30 May 2010

Running till the rainbow ends

Round 12: Winter 2018
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Kurt Robinson is 62, Jack is 35, Paige is 34, Frieda is 10 and Todd is 6.

Narrated by Paige Robinson

Jack usually cleans the house after I've gone to work and the kids are off to school.

Then he works in the greenhouses for some time and some days he goes to Farmer's Market. We only keep it open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays so he doesn't have to go there all the time.

He's been so thoughtful lately that for a moment I thought maybe he was having an affair and was trying to make it up by being extra nice. But now I'm just willing to believe that I've married the most wonderful man in the world.

I try to help by fixing things. The other day he completely freaked out when I was fixing the computer. It's understandable because that's how his mother died but I'm much more experienced in fixing stuff like that. It's part of my job as the Senior Communications Officer.

We were so worried how Frieda would cope after Olivia's death but now, 4 years later, she's just like any other kid. Todd looks up to her and they're more like brother and sister than aunt and nephew. She's only 4 years older so I guess it's natural that they end up being like siblings.

In the beginning of winter it looked like we might not get snow at all but then it started snowing and continued for a few days. The kids were thrilled when they heard that the schools had been closed.

They barely had time to eat breakfast before they headed outside to play in the snow.

I told Todd several times that he should get back inside but he just kept building snowmen all over our backyard.

He finally came back inside shivering and blue! I didn't even scold him because I was too worried.

Kurt drew him a hot bath and said that should warm him up. He said that Jack was the same when he was a kid.

"No matter what his mother or I said, he didn't get inside until he was freezing" Kurt said with a wistful smile on his face.

I told Todd to stay inside for the rest of the day so that he wouldn't catch a cold. He and Frieda made so much noise with their pillow fights and tag games that I felt my head was ready to explode.

Unfortunately it was Kurt who got sick. He must've gotten the flu bug from the restaurant. I called Grace and she said that there's been a real epidemic going on. She's handled more flu patients this year than ever before.

Grace said that the only thing Kurt could really do was to rest and drink a lot of hot fluids. It took him quite a lot of resting before he recovered.

I never thought I'd be happy living on a farm when I was younger but I kind of enjoy working in the greenhouse with Jack. It's so wonderful to harvest a crop that you've planted yourself.

I don't feel any desire for a big city life. I'm happy just being with my family.

I've even started to think that maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to have another kid. Jack's not so willing though but I'm sure I could change his mind if I wanted to.

  • Title reference: Running till the rainbow ends by Osmo Ikonen. 
  • I've been hoping that either Paige or Jack would roll the want for a baby but nada. It's quite surprising actually because they both have family as their secondary aspiration. But if neither of them rolls the want within the next 2 rounds then Todd will be their only child.
  • Yup, Kurt's yet another sim who rolled the flu epidemic ros this round. I'm going to be so happy when this whole epidemic is over!


  1. Paige is such a beautiful sim and their marriage is so sweet...except when she thought that he was having an affair-yikes.

  2. Apple Valley, well Jack is a Romance sim so it wouldn't be impossible for him to have an affair. But I'm glad he's been faithful to Paige all these years. They're one of my favorite couples.

  3. I love when a Romance Sim decides to settle down and be faithful. It always gives me warm fuzzies! Jack and Paige are such a sweet couple. I would not be opposed to them having another baby. LOL.

    I just noticed Olivia's picture hanging on the wall and got a little bit sad.

    Todd and Frieda are so cute together. I love Todd doing his handstand!

  4. Carla, I would love for Jack and Paige to have another kid. I'd want them to have a kid who looks like Paige. Todd looks pretty much the same as Jack did when he was a kid expect for the hair and eye color.

    I get sad too when I see Olivia's picture. It's like she's watching over her family.

  5. I too, love when romance sims settle down, like they found their perfect match. I hope they have another one, they are such a cute couple to not have more. I really like their simple life, farming, and dancing in their living room, it's very sweet.

  6. Maisie, I really want Paige and Jack to have another child but it's up to them now, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that baby want :)

    I have to admit I was quite skeptic about Jack's ability to be faithful in the beginning but he's proven that I was wrong.