Saturday, 1 May 2010

That golden rule

Round 12: Summer 2017
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Bobbie and Alexander Greene are 66, Patsy and Camryn are 26 and Mia is 3.

Narrated by Patsy.

Mia has really become the apple of our eyes. She's such a sweet girl and the moment I saw her I knew in my heart that she's my child.

She seems to have inherited Camryn's enthusiasm for tinkering judging by the time she spends playing with her little blocks on the activity table.

Things couldn't be better between me and Camryn. Just a few years ago we were on the brink of breaking up and now I couldn't imagine my life without her.

I'm happy being a teacher but Camryn is much more ambitious. She's working hard to get promoted. She got a bonus after finishing a project but she felt like it was more of an insult because the amount of money was so ridiculously small.

Mom and dad are so great with Mia. They don't work as much as they used to so they usually babysit her while Camryn and I are at work. Dad is completely smitten with Mia. He's always playing peek-a-boo with her or snuggling her and telling her stories of the times when he was the MVP of his football team. I don't think Mia really understands all his stories but she seems to adore her grandpa and can listen to him for hours.

Mom takes care of the more practical side like cleaning up the kitchen and making sure everyone eats at least one warm meal every day.

There's been a real flu epidemic going around the town lately and dad somehow managed to caught it as well. His cough sounded really bad but luckily it went away quite quickly.

Mom said some fresh air would do him good so they decided to drive up to the cabin for a few days. They borrowed aunt Vicki's car so they could get back whenever they wanted.

Camryn and I enjoy the privacy. It's nice to live with my parents but it's also nice to have the house to ourselves sometimes. We can't even go to the cabin for weekends because Camryn now works the weekends and has Mondays and Thursdays off.

We were talking it over and realized that we don't need to hire a nanny while mom and dad are away. The school is closed and I don't even have many lectures in the university during summer so I might as well stay home with Mia.

It's such a joy to be with her. I love teaching but if we ever get more kids I think I'll take some time off work so I can stay home and be a full-time mom.

I can't believe Mia will start school next year! She'll be in my class so at least I can make sure that she'll be fine and that the older kids won't tease her for having two moms.

Hopefully she won't pull stunts like this when she starts school. I turned my back for about 15 minutes while I was talking on the phone and I found her sleeping in Nero's bed! She looked cute and peaceful so I just let her sleep there for a while before carrying her upstairs to her crib.

Camryn is just as mesmerized as I am. She picks Mia up the moment she comes home from work. Well, after she's taken a shower! She doesn't work with animal droppings anymore but the work of a Soil Identifier isn't much cleaner.

Mom and dad came back from the mountains and it seems like they had a great time. At least they behaved like they just came back from their honeymoon.

  • Title reference: That golden rule by Biffy Clyro.
  • ROS for this family: Alexander is the 5th sim to be hit with the flu so I still need to infect 5 more sims *sigh*. Camryn got the bonus for a job well done but it was only €210 which is a drop in the ocean for Wellington's richest family.
  • Patsy and Camryn haven't rolled a want for another child (yet) but I think I'll let them either adopt another or get one of them pregnant.


  1. Mia is super cute. I'm glad everything is going well for these two, and how sweet on the parents being all lovey dovey after their trip away.

  2. Aww, I'm glad her parents got a quick trip in-sometimes you need a break from and kids and the kids need a break from the parents.

  3. I'm glad Patsy and Camryn are doing so well and are so happy with Mia. I'd forgotten they went through a bit of a tough time a few years ago. I definitely vote for another baby for these two! They're such good mums!

    Glad Alexander and Bobbie got to go on a little trip too - they look rather rejuvenated!

  4. Maisie, Bobbie and Alexander are quite lovey dovey all the time :) I think their flame has never died.

    Apple Valley, I'm planning to send Patsy and Camryn on a vacation too so that they can have some time for themselves.

    Carla, I enjoy playing this couple a lot because they're so sweet together and it's great to see they've overcome all their problems. I'm probably not gonna wait very long before they get another baby so that the age difference between Mia and the sibling doesn't get too big.

  5. Mia is sucht a cute toddler! I'm sure she's going to breakt lots of hearts when she grows up!
    I'm glad Patsy and Carmyn are doing well now.

    In your notes you say that you might get one of them pregnant, how do you do that without one of them cheating?

  6. Tanja, thank you. Mia actually looks a lot like Camryn but she has different coloring. She's going to turn out really pretty when she ages up (I've checked ;)).

    There are a few hacks that enable a sim to get pregnant without woohooing, for example Insimenator and Inteenimater.