Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Round 12: Autumn 2017
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Patrick Marlowe is 70, Vicki is 66, Stephen is 16, Alexandra Hayes is 43, Quinn is 41, Aaron and Ethan are 9 and Jeremy is 6.

Narrated by Quinn Hayes

Living with the in-laws is actually pretty great. Patrick and Vicki are both retired and they're always willing to babysit. They also take care of most of the household chores which is a big plus for me.

Vicki has really started to enjoy gardening especially now that the weather has been wonderful for so long.

She often sits in the garden and sometimes dozes off. She's been quite tired lately and we've all been kind of worried but she keeps telling us that she is just fine.

Our kids seem to be very popular in their little social scene. They always bring friends home from school so the house is always full of kids.

I usually make breakfast because I'm the first one to leave the house. Alexandra starts work at 11am so I let her sleep late.

I'm also in charge of making sure that the kids do their homework. Jeremy is on the first grade now so he gets real homework. The twins sometimes need a little push because they'd much rather just watch cartoons on tv but I only have to tell them once and they head off to their desks right away.

We don't need to worry about Stephen doing his homework. The boy is a machine! He's very determined to get in college with good grades.

He's actually already sent his application to Brixton University since kids are allowed to start applying at the age of 16. He already got accepted! He still has one year of high school left but he can already start focusing on his future.

Patrick and Vicki were so proud of him when they heard the news.

Vicki gave him a gift and when he opened it he found keys inside.

"They are the keys to our old car - well, your new car" Vicki told him. Stephen could hardly contain himself!

"Are you kidding me?! I get a car?!" he said. It didn't matter to him that the car is quite old and it's been stored in a garage downtown for a few years now. He wanted to pick it up immediately but Vicki reminded him that he needs to get his driving licence first.

Stephen was so over the moon that he even promised to babysit our kids so that I could take Alexandra out on a date. We haven't gotten out of the house much for years so it's about time now.

We went to dine at Joie Délicieuse and had champagne. Alexandra looked really gorgeous in her new dress.

We even danced for a while after dinner before we headed back home.

The kids were all sleeping so Alexandra decided to take a hot bath before going to bed. I think our date did good for both of us in many ways. We've been pretty stressed lately so it was nice just to relax and enjoy each other's company.

I'm getting really close to finishing my degree. I only have about two or three term papers to write before I finally get that diploma. It's been a long process since I don't have much time to study but I'm glad I'm almost done.

  • Title reference: Hourglass by Adam Lambert
  • It was hard to write this update because not much happens to this family ever. I tried several different approaches and this one made most sense. I'm just glad I got it done and now I can focus on the next updates.
  • I can also tell that I'm hugely relieved that I don't have to write it again. I had written the whole update on Sunday evening when suddenly out of nowhere a thunder storm arose and my PC shut down. Thank goodness for Blogger's automatic save, the whole text was here when I opened my pc on Monday so I finally got the update online.
  • Anyways, Stephen won't start college until 2019 but he's already got 5 scholarships so I thought I might as well tell you that he is going to uni in the future.


  1. It's good to see Quinn is almost done with his degree too. Yay for Stephen too - a new-old car and getting into uni!

    Alexandra looks great in that dress!

    I have families like this too, where nothing much seems to happen! I enjoy playing them but it's hard to write about them sometimes. But then again, I sometimes find it just as hard to write when too much has gone on, lol!

  2. That's great that he has racked so many scholarships all ready. He seems like a nice upstanding young man. I had/have boring families as well. I've now taken to enjoying the boring times since oftentimes it doesn't last.

  3. Carla, I was hoping Quinn would finish his degree but he has other life too so it didn't happen. Stephen really is a machine. He always wants to study new skills.

    Apple Valley, Stephen takes after his big brother Thomas who also got many scholarships.

    I'm sure in a few years this family won't be boring at all when the younger boys age up to teens.

  4. WOW WTG Stephen on the scholarships! That's totally awesome, plus a car. Things are looking pretty good for that guy.

    The date looked really sweet. And I really liked the shot Vicki tending her garden and dozing later on. Their little "patio" set up is really pretty.

  5. Maisie, I was surprised to see that Stephen really got that many scholarships but he has been a very enthusiastic in learning new skills since he was a kid. The car has been in Vicki's inventory for ages so I thought I might as well give it to Stephen.