Sunday, 19 April 2009

F*** me pumps

Round 6: 2001-2004
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Grace tells her father that she'll move to the Wellington after she graduates from college. This doesn't surprise Kurt at all. He knows how ambitious Grace is and understands that she wants to live in the big city. Not that you could call Wellington a big city.

Olivia dedicates her time almost entirely to the garden. She and Kurt haven't gotten more children and she treats the orchard trees and the greenhouse plants like they are her babies.

And Jack is... Jack. He's constantly thinking about girls. He's made the decision not to go to college so he doesn't really have to work on getting scholarships.

Olivia has asked Jack to help her around the farm more since he's not setting his sights on an academic career. Jack doesn't mind this at all. He doesn't have any career plans so he might as well work on the farm.

One day Olivia and Jack are working in the orchard when a lightning strikes into an orange tree. Luckily neither of them is hurt and even the tree remains in perfect condition.

Olivia also takes Jack to the Farmer's Market so that he can start learning how to handle the business. He starts by working on the registry.

And it isn't as easy as it looks!

Olivia goes hiking but she doesn't enjoy it much as she's attacked by bees. It seems nature isn't such a wonderful thing after all!

She relaxes in a bubble bath and realizes that she finds her life a bit boring. If only they could afford to go on a vacation but they still have over §20.000 in debt so it's out of the question. Maybe she should get a job outside the house at least for some time.

Grace will be going to college soon. She celebrates her last days as a careless teenager by renting a limo with her friends and going to a concert. She's really looking forward to going to university, she can't wait to start building a life for herself.

  • Title from "F*ck me pumps" by Amy Winehouse
  • A very short update since not much happened. Grace was painting her a$$ off to get one more scholarship, Kurt was working on a promotion and Olivia and Jack were working in the garden.
  • As you might have guessed, Jack will eventually take over the farm. He's already got a silver badge in gardening and I'm making him learn other badges like cash registry and restocking. Grace will go to university at the end of this round.


  1. Poor Olivia! It'd be nice if they came into a windfall and got that $20000 and then some. Paying off a debt and still having enough left for a holiday would be very welcome, I'm sure.

  2. This round was pretty good since they had about §35.000-40.000 debt when I started. Thanks to Kurt being promoted and the business going up in the rank they were able to pay back quite a lot.

    I might send Olivia and Kurt on a holiday anyway, they could always stay in a tent in the mountains for a few days. I'm bored because she's always home LOL

  3. The farm looks good! Seasons is really my favorite EP - it adds so much!

    What do your farmers do in winter months?

  4. Well the orchard trees are dormant during winter. But they have plenty of work in the greenhouse since they grow vegetables there all year around.