Saturday, 25 April 2009

Las Palmas

Round 6: 2001-2004
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Nyah has noticed that her sister Erin isn't exactly the little miss sunshine when she wakes up from her nap.

Nyah doesn't mind that much though. She loves spending time with Erin. She definitely wants kids some day and she only needs to convince her boyfriend that they should get one soon!

The family loves dining out on the balcony whenever the weather is nice. This time is special because they're celebrating Erin's 5th birthday. Too bad Max burned the spaghetti.

Max and Regan don't want their children to become spoilt so they make them do little chores around the house.

The girls enjoy the sunny summer day by spending time outdoors. Erin loves her new jump rope. Nyah on the other hand isn't so thrilled about gardening but her father told her to trim the bushes.

Max doesn't have time for the garden because he is facing a new challenge. Now that his job has gotten a lot easier - he only has to attend 3 parties a week - he finds himself bored being at home all day. So he has opened a music store called Music Maximum.

He starts with only a few small intruments but the customers seem to love them. He must have sold 5 harmonicas during the opening day!

Erin has inherited her father's love for music and has started to play the violin. She seems to have pretty rock'n'roll attitude already.

Nyah is working hard on keeping her grades up and getting all those required scholarships. It seems that history repeats itself. Regan lived on espresso and chips during her last days in high school and now Nyah is doing exactly the same.

She still wants to spend some time with her little sister. She's gonna miss that little monster so much when she moves away.

It took some time but Regan finally recovered well from her miscarriage. She and Max decided to try again and were able to conceive without fertility treatments even though Regan is close to 40. It seems they will be hearing the tapping of little feet once more.

The summer is over and it's time for Nyah to enter the academic world. She'll be starting her studies in Brixton Academy in the fall. Her parents can't believe their little girl is already leaving them. The goodbyes are bittersweet.

  • Title from "Las Palmas" by Matti Johannes Koivu
  • Max reached his LTW by a promotion to Professional Party Guest last round. Music shop seemed like a natural choice for him since his PDH is Music & Dance. I downloaded the fantastic music sets from Around The Sims 2 so there will be many different items in the shop.
  • I was hoping Nyah and Thomas would go to college at the same time but Nyah turned 18 on the last day of this round and will spend next round in uni. Tommy is only one year younger but he won't be going to college until round 8.
  • Yay, Regan got pregnant easily, it only took them one try!


  1. Ha, I hope Nyah doesn't want kids *too* soon! That's Family Sims for you though.

    It used to really annoy me when that happened with teen couples but it annoys me far less now that I'm happy with my aging system.

  2. Congrats to Regan! Better her than me having a baby near 40! LOL

  3. LOL

    I think I'm going a bit overboard with babies, my hood will be overpopulated soon because so many of my families have 3 or more kids. I just love sim babies!