Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Supermassive black hole

Round 6: 2001-2004
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Narrated by Sam Cooper.

Ever since Ben went to college I've been feeling a bit lonely. It's not like we were joined at the hip but twins have that special connection. I wanted to go to college too but I didn't get enough scholarships.

Ben came to watch Danny while dad, mom and I were at work. I didn't get to talk to him much though because he had some lessons in the evening.

Danny and I had our birthday at the same time. We didn't have a party though because we simply can't afford it.

Danny seems to like painting a lot. If he's not hunting bugs in the back yard then he's working on the easel.

Dad on the other hand has started crafting toys. I guess he would want to start his own business someday. We could definitely use the money. Did I mention that mom is pregnant - again! I'm pretty sure my parents have gone mad.

My boss at the Oceanography Center told me that without a college degree I couldn't get promoted any higher. I had to make a choice between being a Sea Lice Research Assistant for the rest of my life or find a new job. I quit and got recruited in the army. I kinda like it and I immediately made friends with Carlo. He's a Junior Officer but he said he might quit soon because he wants to do something more interesting.

Danny has also made new friends. Liv Harris lives right across the street so it's nice that they get along. I think I may have to give him a few tips though. Talking about the potty training isn't the best way to impress girls.

And the fact that he eats like a pig doesn't help either.

I've been working my ass off lately. Ben's college tuitions are so high that we've had to borrow more money. I know he'll pay back the money when he graduates and gets a job but it's a long way to go. Luckily I've been able to sell a few articles to an online magazine. They don't pay much but it's enough to keep our head above the water.

Things between me and Grace are going well. I'm so glad she hasn't heard about my stupid mistake with Veronica. I regret it so much and wish it never happened.

As much as I love my family, I definitely want to move to my own place. There's just no privacy in this house and it's quite degrading for a man of my age to share a room with his 8-year-old brother. The problem is that I don't have any money so I'll have to settle for a small flat in some awful building.

  • Title from "Supermassive black hole" by Muse
  • Poor Sam! He was never very interested in going to college - until he rolled the want to go a day before he aged to adult. He got the memory of being uneducated but he'll just have to get over it.
  • My sims are like rabbits! Elissa is pregnant again but this baby will definitely be the last! I really hope they get a girl this time.
  • I have a new rule for careers (another idea stolen from the amazing Sullivan): certain careers require a college degree. It makes more sense that a college degree is required for careers like education, medicine and science. I have to write up some other rules I have for Wellington and also update the "Finances" post. Someday ;)
  • I love MUSE! :)

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  1. Poor Sam! That's how my Drusilla ended up not going to college, IIRC. She rolled the want on the last day and I hadn't really been pushing her to prepare.

    Danny telling Liv about his potty training is hilarious. Liv doesn't look too impressed, though I can't say I blame her!