Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Round 6: 2001-2004
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Jackie is desperate to be forgiven by Ryland. She regrets her short but steamy affair with Deacon Burrows so much. She doesn't understand what madness possessed her and made her do such a thing.

Ryland is a bit reluctant at first but he gives in eventually. Jackie has a perfect plan to get back in to Ryland's heart: a baby! She knows she's almost 50 but she's heard great things about the fertility clinic nearby. Nothing will patch up their marriage like another child.

Unaware of Jackie's plans Ryland is busy planning his big inauguration party. He's looking at different catering options on the internet. Barbeque is probably not the right way to go.

Denise has invited her boyfriend Ben over for dinner so that he can meet her parents. Ben is a bit intimidated by the fact that he's dating the mayor's daughter.

Luckily the old folks have the sense to give the youngsters some privacy. Denise and Ben say they'll watch "Lost" but they even forget to the tv on.

It seems that Jackie's plan is a total success: she's pregnant!

Ryland's party is a success too. There are a few awkward moments though, especially when Stella Harris asks why her husband Deacon wasn't invited.

Denise is thrilled to see her big sister again. It seems that Rianna might be the committing kind after all since she's brought her boyfriend Anthony to the party with her.

Jackie takes advantage of the opportunity to patch things up with Rianna. They've never been very close and after what happened at Rianna's apartment it's even more difficult for them to talk. They end up having a good conversation anyway and Jackie is determined to make their relationship better.

Jackie has a scary moment after the party. She gets some premature contractions but luckily she doesn't have a miscarriage. She'll have to take a better care of herself from now on.

Jackie calls her boss and says she won't be coming to work before the baby is born. She relaxes by the pool and makes sure that she eats only organic food.

Jackie is a bit suspicious because of the size of her belly. She wasn't nearly this huge during her two previous pregnancies. An ultrasound reveals that she's having twins!

Everything is ready and waiting for the babies.

Jackie goes into labor while nobody else isn't home but luckily the maid and the repairman are there to help her.

Denise comes home from school just in time to meet her new siblings Dawn Jacqueline and Zachary Ryland.

  • Title from "Enchantment" by Corinne Bailey Rae
  • There's a small error in this update: Ben should already be in college due to my new aging rules. But who cares ;)
  • Jackie and Ryland didn't have wants to have a baby but I thought it made an interesting twist in the story. I was kinda surprised that she got pregnant, she was 50 years old!


  1. Jackie must be super-fertile, like my Maria! Most of my Sims find it harder to get pregnant from late 30s on but Maria fell pregnant right away with her last set of twins and I think she was like 44 at the time!

    I think, in RL, the chance of twins goes up with the mother's age, so it's kind of cool that Jackie ended up having twins. They look like they can afford them!

  2. Oh yeah, they can definitely afford them because Ryland got §30.000 from a chance card by making a shady deal with Malcolm Landgraab. I think I might make him spend the money on the city by building a school or helping business owners etc.

  3. Wow, twins! They'll be busy now.