Monday, 18 May 2009

Catch you

Round 7: 2005-2008
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Chase has finally gotten a job in the natural science field. He starts as a Rat Keeper with a pretty modest salary but he doesn't mind. This is what he wants to do!

Alexa and Brooke have turned into beautiful teenagers and they tell Chase all about their first day in highschool. Chase feels a small wave of a panic - he and Amabelle have just recovered from Paige's wild teenyears and now they have two teenagers in the family!

Brooke was pleasantly surprised to see that her old friend Charlie also started highschool and that he had suddenly become über-cute!

Who knew kissing was so much fun!

Alexa has mixed feelings about college. On the other hand she would want to get a degree but then again what she really wants is a family. And you don't need a degree for that.

Amabelle and Chase have some spare money so they buy belated birthday presents for the twins. Brooke gets a synthesizer which she loves. Alexa wishes to open her own flower shop some day so she gets a flower arranging table.

Chase tells Amabelle that she shouldn't try to repair the tv herself. Amabelle thinks otherwise. She works for the SCIA! If she can dismantle a bomb she can very well fix one stupid tv.

Meanwhile Alexa experiments in the kitchen. Unfortunately her fried chicken seems a bit too fried!

No wonder she doesn't get any company in the dinner table. The food is totally inedible!

She soon feels better as her father's friend from his army times comes for a visit. Will Monroe was a new recruit right before Chase left the military so he's only a few years older than Alexa. It seems that he likes her too but he feels that she's still too young and that they should wait a couple of years before they can date.

One thing Chase and Amabelle have forgotten to buy during their house renovation boom is a burglar alarm! So later that night when everyone is asleep the friendly neighborhood villain has an easy job stealing pieces of their furniture - the tv, a new sofa they bought for the study etc.

Amabelle wakes up to the sounds and gets a total meltdown. She feels embarassed that her house was burglared - she's an Elite Operative in the SCIA, for goodness sake!

Chase wants to take Amabelle's mind of what has happened so he asks her out on a date. It's been years since they've been out by themselves so it's about time.

They head out to Café Carousel which is nowadays run by Jackie Whitfield, the mayor's wife. The restaurant looks pretty much the same but the service runs more smoothly and the food is even better than it was before.

They celebrate their 30 years together with a glass of champagne. Hopefully they'll have many more years to come.

  • Title from "Catch you" by Sophie Ellis Bextor
  • After writing this entry I realized that I've probably never played any hood for this long. Usually I've gotten bored with the characters pretty soon but I guess there's some kind of magic in Wellington. I still love this hood very much!
  • Will Monroe is a townie - there aren't really any playables available for Alexa. I was thinking about hooking her up with Jack Robinson but then I remembered that he has a thing with Paige so it would be a bit too weird.


  1. I love the resturaunt, it's so pretty. This family is simply adorable, I'm rooting for the relationship with the military man-I'm biased since I'm a military brat and I'm sure that she'll love the traveling around that the military gives you.

  2. Wow, both girls are so pretty! Do Will and Alexa have good chemistry? Wonder what will happen with them as Alexa gets older.

    I'm glad you're still loving Wellington. It's a wonderful hood, so you should. I think blogging it helps.

  3. Apple Valley, thank you :) I love that restaurant too, I think it's one of the best community lots I've ever built.

    Carla, I think you're right, blogging keeps me interested. And thank you for your kind words about Wellington :)

    Alexa and Will have two bolts for each other, she doesn't have 3 bolts for anyone so I think he might be the one. I've been wanting to hook him up with one of my playables because he's one of the most handsome townies in Wellington ;)