Thursday, 28 May 2009

Map of the problematique

Round 7: 2005-2008
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Narrated by Regan Fielding.

I went into labor early Wednesday morning. Max was there right by my side and everything went smoothly. We had another girl, Lilly Cordelia.

I think Max was pretty shocked when I put on my lab coat and said I'm going to work! I just felt like I had to show my face there so that they don't completely forget me.

I'm sure Max enjoys spending time home with Lilly. He's such a good father and I know he loves our girls.

Erin brought her cousin Dawn home from school. I'm glad she gets to know her relatives.

I was invited to my boss's office when I went to work. There were some men in black suits and they offered me a job as a researcher in a top secret government facility. It sounded very interesting so I said yes! They even let me take some of the equipment home so I wouldn't have to work so late.

Thanks to my new job and fewer workhours I get to spend time with Lilly as well. She's a very easy baby to take care of, always happy as long as you feed her and change her diaper.

Max has hired some help for the music shop. He needed someone to work the cash registry and Knut Todd seemed like a good choice because he has experience of that kind of job. At first everything went really well. Knut took care of the cash registry so Max could focus on customer service and restocking.

Unfortunately it soon became clear that Knut's work ethics aren't that great. He goes on a break whenever he wants to, even if there's a line of customers waiting to pay for the purchases. Max said that if things continue like this he doesn't have any other choice but to fire Knut.

Erin has become friends with Stella's daughter Liv. Stella and I have been friends for decades so it's great to see our kids playing together.

My sister-in-law, Jackie, came over just in time to see my useless efforts to get Lilly to take her first steps. Jackie just laughed and said that she had the same problems with Zach and Dawn.

Of course Lilly started walking right after Jackie had left.

Max is the heart of the party at nights but he's the heart of our garden during the days. I think most of our flowers would've died ages ago if he didn't take care of them.

Can you believe Erin is already a teenager! Does this mean that I'm getting older? I guess I have to face the fact that I'm no longer a 20-something girl - instead I'm a 40-something woman.

Max was so proud when Lilly's first word was "daddy". I have to admit that for a moment I wanted to get one more baby but then I thought otherwise. We've been blessed with three beautiful daughters and I couldn't ask for more. Maybe it's time to focus on my career and my existing family for a change.

Max told Erin that she should rake the leaves before winter so of course she left it for the last minute. It was already pretty cold outside but she managed to clean up our tiny backyard.

Then she kept me amused while I was cooking. She was staring at herself in a tiny mirror and asking me whether she looked pretty.

Erin told me that she wants to follow my footsteps into the science world which is wonderful. I told her that she should work hard to get accepted to university because without a college degree it's pretty much impossible to work in the science career.

  • Title from "Map of the problematique" by Muse
  • Max got §20.000 from a chance card so they were able to pay back most of their loan. My luck with the chance cards has definitely changed.
  • Regan got the want for another baby right after Lilly was born (she also got the want for 10 children) but I think three is enough for them. My sims get too many kids as it is because I can't seem to say "no" to them LOL


  1. You know, I'm totally with Erin! The leaves are just going to fall down again the next day so you might as well just wait until the very end of autumn before you rake them!

    I'm the same with babies. I try to let them stop at two but that doesn't always work out, especially if the first two are unbearably cute.

  2. Oh yes, I've noticed the leaves keep falling until the end of autumn so I think Erin (and you) are right.

    I'm giving myself an ultimatum: the next generation cannot have more than two babies... but I know I'll forget that when they actually start having babies!