Friday, 15 May 2009

A wish for something more

Round 7: 2005-2008
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Narrated by Jackie Whitfield

I went back to work as soon as Dawn and Zach were old enough to be left at home with the nanny. I brought Denise's old activity table into our bedroom so they can play together.

My first day at work after the maternity leave didn't go as planned. I got fired! After working for the magazine for 30 years I was tossed aside due to one mistake. Needless to say I felt completely crushed!

I checked if there were any openings in other magazines but as I told Rianna's boyfriend Anthony some time ago, they all want someone with a degree. Apparently 30 years of experience in the media field is nothing compared to 4 years in college!

I was desperate. I'm too young to retire and I need something for myself. And then I saw it on the real estate agency's website: Café Carousel for sale! I called Ryland and asked for his opinion. He told me to go for it and so I became a business owner!

I work as the hostess and I've employed some wonderful women to cook and serve fabulous meals. I got some customers the moment I opened the doors!

Regan's daughter Nyah was visiting her parents and stopped by on her way back to Brixton.

I also got a nice surprise visit from Denise who wanted to see how her mom was doing - and to get a free meal of course! She said that dorm life is good since she's friends with all the other girls but the food is terrible. Pancakes and mac and cheese all the time.

Ryland and I spent a nice afternoon with the twins after coming home from work. We didn't get to talk about my first day at the restaurant much because the kids demand our attention constantly.

Ryland was trying to get Zach to say "daddy" but Zach wasn't really cooperating. Dawn on the other hand already knows a couple of words. She can say "mommy", "daddy" and "bobo" which means she wants a bottle.

We invited the girls over to celebrate the twins' 5th birthday. I'm so glad that I've been able to repair my relationship with Rianna. I still don't understand what on earth made me act like that in front of my daughter.

We got cakes for the kids, blue candles for Zach and pink ones for Dawn. I could tell they loved being the centers of the attention and being pampered by all the adults. I can't believe my children are so big now, even my little babies will start school soon! Rianna will be their teacher so it'll be easy for me to send them to school. They'll have their big sister looking after them.

Ryland overheard Rianna and Anthony talking about babies. Maybe they'll have some news for us soon. Now that my midlife crisis is over I'd be thrilled to become a grandmother!

  • Title from "A wish for something more" by Amy Macdonald
  • Sorry for the long(ish) delay in updates. I got back to work and I have just been so knackered that I haven't had the energy to play. I'll try to get back on regular updates now.
  • I was hoping that at least one of the twins would look like Jackie since Rianna and Denise both look like Ryland. So yay, Zach looks like Jackie, as you can see in his profile. Dawn on the other hand is another Ryland clone.


  1. Wow, Zach really does look like Jackie. He's adorable!

    Poor Jackie, getting fired after so many years working for them! Those little rules we put in place for our Sims sure make their lives difficult sometimes, don't they?

  2. Isn't it our job to make our sims' lives difficult? ;)

    I haven't had much luck with chance cards lately, I got both Rianna and Jackie fired! But it turned out well in the end. I wanted my sim to run a restaurant so Jackie was a good choice for that.