Sunday, 17 May 2009

Suddenly I see

Round 7: 2005-2008
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Narrated by Vicki Marlowe.

It was great to see Lexie again. I was hoping she would move to Allerdale after her graduation but she preferred the new apartment building in Exmoor.

She hadn't even met Stephen yet. We left him home with the nanny when we visited Lexie in the summer.

I just can't get myself to like Carlo. And Thomas seems to share my feelings. I know it's up to Lexie to decide who she wants to spend her life with but couldn't she have picked someone more reliable?!

Thomas likes spending time with Stephen now that little Stevie is out of diapers. Patrick told me that maybe Tommy is practicing for the future. I just hope that he and Nyah wait until they've both graduated from college vefore they start a family. Am I starting to sound like an over-protective mother?

It feels like Patrick and I barely see each other these days. He goes to work in the afternoon before I come home and I'm usually sleeping when he gets home. But in the end it just makes our love stronger because we don't want to waste the limited time we have together.

I work pretty long days so my "boys" are left to take care of themselves. I usually leave them something in the fridge to heat up for dinner. They haven't been complaining though. I think Patrick is actually quite proud of me. Who would have guessed I'd work my way up in the law firm without a college degree!

It feels like yesterday I was holding a newborn baby in my arms and now my special little guy is already in school! He loves to sing old tunes that he's learned from Patrick. I think it sounds a bit funny to hear a 5-year-old singing about strangers in the night.

We only have two bedrooms and Thomas isn't very keen to share his so Stephen will have to sleep in our bedroom for a few days until Thomas goes to college.

We bought Thomas this synthesizer or whatever it's called and he seems to love it. He plays it every day after school. I walked into his room one night and I was shocked to realize how grown-up he's starting to look. He's definitely not a little boy anymore. I guess I just have to get used to the fact that my kids are growing up - and I'm growing old.

I usually practice my cases in front of the bathroom mirror. I try to ignore the wrinkles. Actually I think I look pretty good for my age, I'm nearly 60 already!

I've never been a fitness enthusiast but I love going for walks with Donna. The fresh air and the light exercise keep my mind and body in balance.

Patrick and Stephen have been playing catch a lot lately. I think Stephen would want to join a baseball team but there aren't any teams for kids in this area.

I couldn't believe my eyes when Bobbie's triplets came for a visit. I know we live right next door but honestly I haven't seen the kids for years! I'm sure she and Alex have their hands full with four teenagers in the house!

Patrick celebrated his 60th birthday. He might have a few wrinkles and his hair has turned gray but to me he's still the most handsome man in the world.

Tommy has been spending his last days home with Stephen. I have a feeling he's going to be a bit homesick when he leaves for college. The house is going to feel so empty without him.

  • Title from "Suddenly I see" by KT Tunstall
  • All entries on this round so far have been narrated by the mother. This wasn't intentional, it just felt easiest to write this way. I keep switching between a narration and a commentary depending on which feels more natural.
  • First elder! Patrick will get some company next round, there are many sims who are turning elders on round 8.


  1. Once I got my first elder in my hood, it was all over! They are all old now, it seems! I'm so sick of looking at wrinkly faces! LOL Vicki's right, she does look good for her age! ;)

  2. Vicki looks amazing for her age! Lucky Sims!

    I love Patrick at the microphone. I'm so glad kids can use it because the animations with it are hilarious.

    Hey, does that helicopter work from the desk? I never thought of keeping it on a surface.

  3. The helicopter... yeah, no, it doesn't work. I forgot I put it on the table LOL

    I'm actually very excited to see my dear sims age to elders and have grandchildren! If only we could age as gracefully as our sims! I think I already have more wrinkles than Vicki and I'm only about half her age LOL!

    I love the microphone, the song they sing is so funny and the animations are just fabulous!

  4. Man, my first generation are all getting up there in age. So I think my next round (2011/2012) they all will start showing their age. My first elder was Peter Ottomas, but everyone else will be joining him.

    It seems like it happens all at once. Your hood will be over run with old people. lol.

    I wonder how they are going to deal with only having one child at home? Empty nest syndrom anyone?

  5. I know, I have about 5-6 sims turning elder on round 8 and many more on round 9! Luckily their kids will be starting their own families or I'd get bored.

    I think I might be the one having the empty nest syndrome LOL! Elders-only households can get a bit tedious but luckily Stephen will be there to mix things up ;)

    I've been meaning to start reading your blog but I never seem to have the time especially now that I'm working 10-12 hours a day. I've just taken a few glimpses and it looks really interesting.