Saturday, 16 May 2009


Round 7: 2005-2008
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Narrated by Bobbie Greene.

Alex and I have made a deal to share the chores so he's cleaning up the house since he has a day off work. I'm a firm believer in equality between men and women! Except in the kitchen. No matter how much he tries, Alex is still quite a terrible cook.

It doesn't mean that he enjoys it though. I'd be a rich woman if I got a simoleon every time I saw him moping around like this while he's cleaning.

I've noticed that we have to keep a close eye on Charlie. Very often when I go to wake him up in the morning I notice that his homework is still undone. It's not that he's a bad kid, he's just not that interested in school. Dixie is the exact opposite. She loves homework and usually wants to do it right after coming home from school.

The kids have been asking for a pet and we finally gave in. We got a dalmatian male called Nero. Janie loves playing with the dog.

He needs some training though. He pees on the floor but that's not as bad as destroying our bed! Secretly I was happy because I've been wanting to buy a new bed anyway.

Patsy was waiting for me when I got home from work on friday. She told me that she wanted to tell me and Alex something. I could tell she was very nervous. We ushered the triplets upstairs to watch tv and sat on the living room couch. Finally she opened her mouth and blurted: "Mom, Dad, I'm gay!"

I could tell she was afraid that we wouldn't love her anymore or something but I wasn't even that surprised. She's never seemed interested in boys - unlike me when I was her age. She asked us if she could go to Merry-Go-Round, the new gay club. Alex was a bit hesitant at first but he finally gave her permission to go as long as she'd come home before midnight.

She told me about her night out the next morning. She said she had been very nervous at first but then she noticed Camryn Mitchell, a girl from school. I have a feeling they hit it off pretty well since Patsy asked whether it was ok to invite Camryn over for lunch.

The triplets had their 13th birthday yesterday so now we have FOUR teenagers in the house! Janie invited Greg Newman over but he seemed to like Dixie more. Dixie is so painfully shy that I doubt she'll have the courage to talk him though.

Vicki's husband Patrick came over with their dog Donna. I feel like it's been years since I've seen my sister. It's a crime we don't visit each other more often. We live right next door to each other! Patsy's friend Camryn also came over at the same time. I might as well call her Patsy's girlfriend since that's what she obviously is.

They soon made their way up to Patsy's room to "do their homework". Oh I remember my teendays, "doing homework" with my boyfriend! At least I don't have to worry about her getting pregnant!

Janie is a little devil, she's constantly tormenting her siblings. On the other hand she's pretty helpful around the house and she loves cooking. I don't mind handing over the ladle for someone else for a change.

Dixie spends most of her time in her room reading books. I think we need to encourage her to be more outgoing. It'll be easier for her in the future if she's more social.

Patsy is such a great big sister. She's leaving for college pretty soon but it seems she has taken Dixie under her wings. She's always complementing her about her grades and stuff to boost up her self-esteem.

There's not a silent moment in our house. The kids are always playing around. Not that I'm complaining! I wouldn't want it any other way.

  • Title from "River" by Moya Brennan
  • Patsy will move to college at the end of this round. Oh how the time flies.
  • Nero is a "tribute" to my mom's old dog. When she was young her family had a dalmatian male called Nero. I've heard so many stories of that dog that I wanted to have him in my game.


  1. Love the name of the new club, how cool is that? LOL

  2. Thanks! I always have a hard time coming up with names for community lots so they usually end up with a silly or a boring name.

  3. I finally read all the entries for Wellington, it's been a wonderful read! I can't wait for more!

  4. I like the new club. Did you do it yourself?

  5. Apple Valley, I'm glad you've enjoyed reading my blog :)

    Monique, yes I built the new club myself. It's very simple, a bar and a dance floor downstairs and the restaurant upstairs.

  6. I love how the moms says, "thank god she can get pregnant". In my sim world same sex couples do get pregnant. I love family of quads!

  7. Bernz1977, I don't have the same sex pregnancy hack anymore. I play a quite realistic game so the same sex pregnancies don't really fit in my stories.