Saturday, 2 May 2009


Round 6: 2001-2004
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Narrated by Carlo Moreno.

I like lying awake and waiting for Alexandra to wake up. I've quit the army so no more early mornings for me. I got a job in the Slacker career instead, I think it suits me quite well. Sometimes I think Lexie deserves a better man than me but I love her too much to leave her.

My love for Alexandra doesn't stop me from sleeping with other women. Carole Clarkson is just one of the many. I know it's wrong but I'm too old to change.

I decided to pamper Lexie a little bit so I took her to a romantic dinner at Joie Délicieuse. We had a wonderful time despite the fact that our waiter was a clumsy idiot. I swear he spilled food on every customer in the restaurant!

Later that night we had some of our neighbors over. I had an interesting conversation with Beverly Reamon. She's one of the few women who don't fall for my charms... but then again I have a feeling she doesn't fall for any guy's charms. Rianna Whitfield on the other hand was acting a bit strange. She went pale all of a sudden and ran into the bathroom and I could hear her throwing up. I hope we don't catch whatever she's having!

Lexie has finally gotten a job in the Gamer career. She brought her stepfather home from work so they could talk about the latest developments in the industry. Benjamin Barnes also tagged along. I don't like him very much. Lexie has told me that she had a crush on him when she was younger. I have a feeling he'd want things to be like that again but I know Lexie's not interested anymore. She's with me now!

People always say that it's possible for a man and a woman to be just friends. I highly doubt it. I have a lot of female friends who always become more than friends. I think the whole "men and women can be friends" thing is invented by those guys who can't get laid!

I work mostly at night and Lexie usually waits for me to come home. One night she had fallen asleep on the sofa. I just sat there for hours watching her sleep. She looked so beautiful.

I've been feeling a bit guilty for the way I've been behaving. So I told Lexie to just kick back and let me take care of lunch. My limited cooking skills were just about enough to whip up a nice salad. I had planned a little surprise.

I proposed to Lexie and I could that she really was surprised. The funny thing is that I regretted it the moment she said yes. Guilt is probably not the best reason to ask someone to marry you. But let's face it, I'm not getting any younger and maybe it's time to settle down with someone.

  • Title from "Cave" by Muse
  • Can you tell Carlo is a Romance sim?! I don't know why but I still like him more than Deacon the Dog.
  • Lexie's not that innocent either. She had some fun under the sheets with her old flame Sebastian Langdon. I never wrote about it but they slept together when she was in uni (before she moved in with Quinn).


  1. Carlo certainly keeps himself busy, doesn't he? Is he going for that LTW of his? It looks like he's a good way there already!

    I'm interested to see if these two will make it to the altar.

  2. Sullivan is right, Carlo is a busy man. I don't know how he keeps up.

    I really like Lexie and even though she has cheated. I still think she deserves better. Carlo should not be getting married.

  3. It's a bit strange that they practically never have wants to do anything romantic with the other one although they have 3 bolts! Usually I try to listen to what my sims want but since these two won't "tell" me anything I'm leading the story. I still haven't quite decided what will happen...

    Carlo is definitely going for his LTW although he still has a long way to go. I think currently his number is 5 or 6... but then again I've only played him for one and a half rounds!