Sunday, 24 January 2010

Like a fading rainbow

Round 11: Spring 2015
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Alexander and Bobbie Greene are 64 and Patsy and Camryn are 24.
Brooke is 23 and Charlie is 21.)

Narrated by Camryn Greene

Charlie was quite ill some time ago so Alexander and Bobbie invited him over so that they could make sure he's ok.

He barely made it through the front door when Bobbie started asking him about his illness and also about his break-up with Brooke. We were all pretty shocked when we heard that Brooke had dumped him! They had been together for so long and we were sure they'd stay together forever. It just shows that you can't take anything for granted.

I guess his answers were somewhat satisfying because Bobbie gave him a big hug and we all had a nice evening together.

It only took a few days for Brooke to come over. I got the impression that Bobbie invited her. Maybe she's trying to get them back together or something. They seemed to get along pretty well so at least she didn't invite Brooke over for bashing.

I've noticed that my job requires a good physical condition. I happened to mention it to Alexander and he offered to give me a few lessons on the punching bag. I'm pretty sure none of the other Clam Wranglers are being trained by one of world's greatest football coaches.

It worked! I got promoted to Scatmaster. I'm so happy to start climbing higher on the career ladder. Patsy said she can't understand how anyone can be so happy to work with animal droppings but to me it's just another way to get my foot in for the better jobs.

We're all so proud of Alexander since he was just selected to be the latest addition to the Hall of Fame! He surprised us by saying that he would step down from coaching. Now he only has to attend some events that the sponsors and his old team arrange from time to time.

We had even more reason to celebrate as Patsy's boss Rianna came over and told us that Brixton University wants someone to give lectures to students who are planning a career in education. Rianna had recommended Patsy!

We've been listed in the adoption agency for about a year now and we've had endless interviews and house checks with the social workers. One night we finally got the call that we were accepted so we might become parents any time now!

We're so happy! We have both wanted a child ever since we got married almost two years ago so this is definitely good news. We have no idea when we'll actually get a child but just knowing that it's now possible is enough to send us over the moon with joy!

Bobbie's sister Vicki is always talking about her 6 grandchildren so Bobbie is thrilled that soon she'll have something to talk about too. It's hard for me to believe that Bobbie and Vicki weren't very close when they were younger. Nowadays they live right next door to each other and they visit each other very often.

I feel like the waiting for a child has brought me and Patsy even closer. We're determined to become good parents together.

Random pics:
I'm taking pictures of my elder couples because - let's face it - they won't be around forever. Alex and Bobbie look so sweet together!

  • Title reference: Like a fading rainbow by Jenny Wilson.
  • Patsy and Camryn will get their kid sometime this round. I'll announce the adoption in a birthday post when it happens.
  • Alexander achieved his LTW by becoming a Hall of Famer. According to my new rules elders can retire at the age of 65 so Alex can leave the sports world behind next year if he wants to. I'm working on an early retirement system but that naturally doesn't affect sims who are already elders. I'll post more about it once I've finished tweaking it.


  1. Hi,This is subrisse me happiness.
    I love this and sims 2.I hope you love and peaces.Warmest greeting.


  2. I can't wait to see your system on early retirement, that should be interesting.

  3. I posted an update about the early retirement system.

  4. Humph, Brooke could have at least apologize to Charlie for accusing him of drinking to much; he really was sick!


  5. LaToya, I'm sure Brooke feels terrible. She hasn't spoken to Charlie since their break-up, I guess she feels too ashamed now.