Friday, 1 January 2010

Winter 2015 birthdays

In Allerdale the Marlowe twins have their first birthday.

Here's Jett...

...and here's Kyra.

Let's do a little comparison with the parents' toddler pictures.

They both definitely have their mother's mouth since no-one in the Marlowe family has those full lips.

I think their nose comes from their dad. It's difficult to say about their eye shape but the color definitely comes from Thomas.

Another set of twins is also celebrating their birthdays this winter. Grace and Sam Cooper's kids turn 4.
Madelyn looks so cute with her dark skin and blonde hair.

Ross is just as cute. Look at those big blue eyes!

Jeremy Hayes also turns 4. He's still the spitting image of his father.

Greg Newman is trying to get his life back together after being expelled from college. He thinks that a change of scenery might do him good so he has decided to move to Kalaupapa Island for a little while. He'll leave in the spring and in the meantime he has rented a room at Mrs. Parson's Boarding House and works as a security guard at the Town Hall.

Danny Cooper is starting as a freshman at Brixton University. Danny's parents refuse to let him use his money on a rental house so he lives at Greenleaves Hall. Danny hasn't decided what to study yet but he's pretty interested in Art and History.

Wellington's Senior Club gets two new members:

Amabelle and Chase Harper both turn 60 this winter. They're both still very much involved in their careers so they have no plans of early retirement.

  • Several bloggers ie. Laura and Carla have had sims who have been away from the hood for some time and I thought it might be fun to try it. I've been reading their notes about it and it doesn't seem too complicated. Greg will be "living" at Kalaupapa Island for at least a year. It means that I'll take him on a couple of vacations there and the rest of the time he'll be on a vacant lot with a prisoner tag in his inventory so that he doesn't appear on any community lots. I'll write a couple of updates about his time there so you'll know how he's doing.
  • Mrs. Parson's Boarding House is from MTS2.
  • Danny looks so much like his big brother Ben! It's a good thing that Ben wears glasses so I can tell them apart!


  1. Jett is so adorable! All the kids are cute but Jett's my favourite this winter.

    Danny is very handsome! He does look like Ben but he's cuter.

    Can't wait to hear about Greg's adventures on Kalaupapa Island. I think you'll have a lot of fun with it. I like that it's a working holiday. That's something to change it up a bit!

  2. I am interested in seeing how Greg's time away goes. In a lot of FSBS hoods, when a sim "moves away" for a little while or forever, then we often send them to another hood. They are free to play them for a limited period of time or forever. I love seeing how other simmers intepret your sims.

  3. Amabelle has aged quite well. Danny and his brother do look a lot alike!

    Jeremy is adorable, I have an eternal soft spot for the name Jeremy, so he's my favorite for this winter. He looks like he could get in some mischief!

    And Madelyn is a doll!! What a sweetheart! I adore Kyra's wild hair!! I've been looking forward to seeing these two as toddlers.

  4. Carla, I agree on what you said about Danny and Ben, Danny is cuter! I'll have to think about some kind of income for Greg while he's away so that he doesn't use up all his savings. He still needs to pay that child support!

    Apple Valley, I've been reading those stories about sims moving from one simmer's game to another simmer's game. They seem a lot of fun but I have other plans for Greg so I didn't even think about that chance.

    Maisie, I think Amabelle looks very beautiful, Chase on the other hand hasn't even changed that much! I adore Jeremy, I can't wait to play their household so I get to see more of him.