Saturday, 30 January 2010

That's not my name

Round 11: Summer 2015
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Patrick Marlowe is 68, Vicki is 64, Stephen is 14, Alexandra Hayes is 41, Quinn is 39, Aaron and Ethan are 7 and Jeremy is 4.
Thomas is 28.)

All the other family members are enjoying lunch together but Alexandra and Quinn mostly enjoy each other. They've been married for 4 years now but they still act like newlyweds.

The kids are on summer vacation so they have plenty of time to play together with their toys. They

Thomas's wife has gone to visit her parents with the kids for a couple of days and Thomas feels a little bit lonely. He comes over and Patrick immediately invites him in for a game of chess. It's been years since the last time they played together.

Alexandra and Quinn take kids to the park since it's such a beautiful weather and they both have a day off work. The kids love the playground.

Aaron and Jeremy also try fishing but they are mostly successful in falling over and catching some old boots. The kids are too excited to leave so they stay in the park until dusk.

The next day Jeremy tells grandma all about their day in the park. Jeremy has already learned to read some easy children's books so he tells grandma about them too.

Patrick and Vicki are more than happy to babysit while Alexandra and Quinn are at work. The kids adore their grandma and grandpa. Ethan is grandpa's number one fan, he's constantly asking for his attention.

Stephen isn't so keen to babysit but he doesn't mind playing chess with the kids sometimes.

He also likes to torture them with noogies! Vicki tells him to stop doing that because Aaron and Ethan are so much small.

Quinn has left the criminal world behind him and is now working as a car mechanic. He has also decided to finish his college degree and is taking a correspondence course with Brixton University.

The kids want to go to the park again so Vicki and Patrick take them there. Patrick and the boys go fishing while Vicki makes new friends. The park is very popular even during the week because the weather has been so nice this summer.

Ethan is pretty proud of himself when he catches this huge fish. Even grandpa says he's the best fisherman in the family!

Stephen has no desire to go to the park to play with the kids so he heads off to Generation X instead.

He meets some of the kids from school. Cassie Hooper is in the same class with him although technically all kids are in the same class. Stephen thinks she's quite cute even though she's not really his dream girl.

It seems that Cassie likes Stephen's style a lot. Who knows what will happen when the school starts in the autumn again?!

  • Title from "That's not my name" by The Ting Tings
  • My wisdomtooth was removed surgically on Thursday so if the update seems a bit insane then it's all due to the fact that I'm currently using strong painkillers! I'm slowly recovering although the right side of my jaw is still very swollen and it's hard to eat anything because I can't open my mouth very wide.
  • Stephen and Cassie only have one bolt for each other but he was already eager to get his first kiss from her. It dropped out of his queue before he managed to get it though.
  • Quinn wants another kid but he just has to settle for what he's got. This family has enough members as it is. I had to built a third floor to their house because there was no room for Jeremy's bed anywhere. And Alexandra is already 41 so it would probably be hard for them to conceive without fertility treatments anyway. I hope the correspondence course keeps him busy so that he gets this whole baby idea out of his system.


  1. LOL! Quinn wants another kid, so let's send him to school so he's too busy to think about it! Good things since 41 isn't that old to have a kid, especially if it's not your first. The park is a beautiful place, I wouldn't mind sitting there as the kids ran around me. Do they espresso carts-cause a nice cup of tea would really hit the spot while sitting there *sigh*

    I hope the mouth gets better and that your sipping lots of smoothies and shakes and baby food and mashed potatoes. :( That was my list of meals after my dental procedure...oh, and I snuck pretezels, if you suck on them till they're soggy, then it's my head at least :P

  2. Oh yes, I'm using distractions hoping that Quinn will forget about having another kid. In a way I'm tempted to let them have another one but on the other hand Alexandra shows no signs of wanting another one.

    I wouldn't mind sitting in the park either. There's no espresso cart but I think I'll add one. There's a cafeteria so at least they can eat if they get hungry.

    I'm feeling better already. Mom has been really pampering me, she made me mashed potatoes and she's always tucking me under a blanket and telling me to take a nap!

  3. Cassie is cute! Shame there's only one bolt but Stephen's only 14, so he has time to find someone he likes better.

    LOL at distracting Quinn to prevent those baby urges! I always lock the baby wants, just in case my Sims have an oops! Which mine tend to do a lot, as you know!

    I'm glad you're feeling better with your wisdom teeth, and that you've got your mother taking care of you! What are mothers for, eh?

    I kind of loved having my wisdom teeth out! My pain was not too bad after the first couple of days but I was still ordered off work for a whole week. It was nice being off work and not sick! Eating all those childhood foods I hadn't had in years, like baked beans and jelly, was fun too!

  4. I think I'll lock the baby want for Quinn, in case Alexandra wants another one someday.

    I'm kinda hoping Stephen will end up together with one of my playables but I don't think there are playable girls for all the guys so someone has to date a townie anyway. He's still young so there's no pressure for him to settle down.

    I only got 2 days off work but I've fully enjoyed them ;) I have to go to work tomorrow but I'll probably ask for more days off if I'm still sore.