Saturday, 9 January 2010

Meet me on the equinox

Round 11: Winter 2015
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Deacon Burrows is 50, Stella Harris is 51, Liv is 17 and Finn is 10.
(Niall is 20 and
Danny is 19.)

Narrated by Deacon Burrows

Some people got the nerve! One of my old flames came over the other night and tried to make a move on me! I was a total dog when I was younger but I haven't been in touch with this woman - or any other woman - for years. I'm completely happy with my life as it is. Obviously I turned her down.

Stella gave me a hug when I went upstairs.

"I saw the whole thing", she said. "I knew all about the other women when you were still fooling around but I decided to give you another chance. I'm glad I did."

I feel so humbled. I don't know what I've done to deserve a wife like her.

I think Liv resembles me more than I've thought. We've been playing chess together for years but lately I've noticed that she cheats on every occasion.

I've made it clear that I do not approve that kind of stuff. I don't want my kids to make the same mistakes I've made in the past. Liv said that she just does it because it's fun. I tried to explain that life isn't always fun. You have to take responsibility for your own actions. She's going to college next year and I hope that she'll study hard instead of cheating her way through classes.

We still have a couple of years before Finn hits puberty. I hope he doesn't lose his interest in music. There's not a proper piano teacher in Wellington at the moment so I've been trying to teach him but he's so good that he could teach me!

He's quite outgoing so he has a lot of friends. Ross Cooper's family moved to the other side of the road just a few weeks ago and he's been coming over quite often. They spend hours playing video games.

I've been reading a lot lately. For years I've concentrated on work and now I feel like it's time to suck in some culture. I feel like I've pretty much achieved everything that there is to achieve in the business world. Stella was just talking the other day that the movie company needs a new financier for her next movie. I think it would be interesting to work together.

Nowadays it feels like everywhere I look I see Liv with some college guy. Danny Cooper has certainly been hanging around at our house more frequently. He's starting college in a few weeks but it seems in the meantime he's trying to get inside Liv's pants!

I definitely don't approve the way he's dancing with Liv. I talked to Liv about it the other day. I mean, do they have to be all over each other in front of my eyes?! I know what guys at his age really want from girls and he's definitely not gonna get it from my daughter in my house!

"Oh dad, we're just friends! You know, no kissing or anything", she said. "It's possible for a girl and a boy to just be friends. And besides, I'm already 17 and probably leaving for college next year so there's really nothing you can do about it anyway."

Apparently that Niall guy is still in the picture so maybe he's the one I should keep an eye on. The image of her in his arms has been burned on my retinas for eternity!

Stella keeps telling me that I should realize that Liv is not a little girl anymore. It's just so hard to let go.

So when I saw him kiss her goodbye I just counted to ten and walked away. I guess in a way I should be grateful since he probably plays a big part in why Liv wants to go to college anyway.

Stella and I have been talking that we need someone to do the household chores. We have a maid who cleans the house but it would be nice if someone watched the kids and made dinner occasionally. Stella asked our neighbor Meredith whether she knew where we could find someone to do all this. Meredith suggested that we should hire a butler and it seemed like a good idea.

We've assumed that the kids do their homework even if we don't nag them about it every day. But we found out they don't. Liv's teacher called and said that if Liv's grades got any lower she wouldn't be accepted to Brixton University. Stella and I did some investigation and noticed that both our kids have been neglecting their homework. The pile on Finn's desk wasn't as high as the one on Liv's desk but still there were a lot of stuff to do.

We set some new rules. The kids would get some free time for a couple of hours after school but they would have to finish their homework before dinner. Either Stella or I would check up on them to make sure that they had done their homework. Honestly, sometimes I feel it would be easier to raise baboons!

Speaking of dinner, we hired the butler and he's great in every other way except cooking. I think it's because he tries to serve these gourmet meals like lobster but he ends up burning them every time. I wouldn't mind if he just cooked spaghetti every night if he managed to make it edible!

  • Title from "Meet me on the equinox" by Death Cab For Cutie
  • Niall doesn't have a profile nor will he ever have one unless he ends up together with Liv. They're still very casual, not going steady or anything. However I've decided that I'll determine a proper age to all townies who are somehow involved with my sims. Niall was already in college during the previous Harris update so he'd probably be in his junior year by now.
  • Not much of Stella in this update but honestly she has become one of the most boring sims in Wellington. There's not much to say about her LOL


  1. Wow, Liv is giving Deacon a hard time. I guess the whole notion of you reap what you sow via your children is true even in the sims :)

    I love Liv's hairstyle in the family photo, btw. It's so cute. So is Deacon's suit, very dashing. Little Finn with his gap is a cutie ^_^ I want to squish his cheeks.

    I noticed the family photo looked different, is it the lighting?

    Question, did Stella set Deacon up with the old flame in order to test him?

  2. Well, Stella's a gorgeous Sim. She obviously just feels that her job is to look pretty and she doesn't have to fuss around with things like entertaining you! LOL!

    Hasn't Deacon turned around over the past several years? I'm not surprised he's so protective of Liv! He knows better than anyone what most men are usually after!

    Love that kissing pic, by the way and your family photo was very cool this round too!

  3. Thanks for reading :)

    Apple Valley, Stella probably didn't set Deacon up with his old flame, although she had the want to become friends with her! I was very proud of Deacon for turning her down, I was sure I would have a full-blown fight with Stella attacking either Deacon or the other woman.

    I haven't used any special lighting in the family portrait but this one was taken upstairs with the windows behind them so it's a bit darker than the one I took last round.

    Carla, I think you're right about Stella. Looking pretty is what she does best so why should she make an effort to entertain me ;)

    Do you mean the kissing pic of Liv and Niall? It took some arranging but I think it turned out very good. I've been downloading new pose boxes lately and I love experimenting with them.

  4. I have made it a point to read your whole blog and I am enjoying it. Thanks for sharing your sims 2 stories with us!

  5. Bernz1977, thank you. It's quite a task to read the whole blog but I'm glad you're enjoying it.