Saturday, 16 January 2010

With or without you

It's the beginning of Tom's last year on campus. He wants to spend most of it with Dixie although they already do almost everything together.

Tom and Dixie study in the same faculty so it's nice to go to their faculty building together to study. They stop by for lunch in the cafeteria first and are delighted to see Charlie. Does this mean that he's actually taking his studies seriously for a change?

Tom plays chess with a fellow Physics student. He hasn't played for years, not since he was in high school.

Dixie is not a medical student but she still enjoys playing around with the surgical dummy.

She soon heads upstairs to the library though to work on her termpaper. She hasn't lost even one ounce of her study motivation.

Dixie wants to buy some new clothes so they stop by at the Fashion Factory on their way home.

Someone breaks into their house while they're away. The police comes over quickly so nothing is taken. The crime wave in Brixton is getting worse and worse. This is already the second burglary in the year 2015.

The car is finished and it looks awesome. They don't have any problems finding a buyer so Dixie drives the car to its new home.

Tom suggests that they start working on a new wreck right away. They probably won't be able to finish it while Tom is still in college but he promises to come by and help even after he has graduated.

Tom has suddenly gotten a huge boost of motivation so he focuses on studying for the rest of his time in Brixton. It really pays off: he gets A+ on his last semester and graduates with 3.2 GPA.

Tom throws a very informal graduation party. He invites all his friends and serves salty snacks and loads of beer.

Charlie ends up drinking too much and throws up on the floor. Needless to say Dixie isn't very impressed since she's the one who has to clean up the mess.

Tom gives Dixie one last hug and then he's off to the real world!

Dixie A+ and A+, GPA 4.0
Tom C+ and A+, GPA 3.2

  • Title from "With or without" you by U2
  • College graduates will appear in the summer birthday post from now on since I'm now playing university only once a year. Of course you can already see Tom's updated info in his profile if you want.
  • The car would've been ready sooner but there were some problems painting it since at first it wasn't placed on a driveway. There's really no room for a driveway on this lot but I managed to fit one in the backyard with the moveobjects on cheat.


  1. Yay, congratulations Tom!

    I can't wait to see these two living together back in the hood. I bet Dixie can't wait either - it's going to be weird for her on campus without Tom!

  2. I can't wait either! And I want them to have a lot of babies LOL! They're pretty much my favorite couple at the moment.

  3. Congrads Tom. SO she has one year left without him? I know she can't wait to graduate and get back home to be with her man!

  4. Yes, Dixie will graduate next year. She loves studying so I'm sure the year will go quickly for her. I hope she can fix at least one more car before graduating so they could possibly buy a small house together after she graduates.