Monday, 11 January 2010


Round 11: Spring 2015
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Erin Fielding is 20 and Iona is 3.
Greg is 22.)

Narrated by Erin Fielding

Liv has been talking about Niall so much that I was anxious to meet him. He happened to walk by our house the other day and came to introduce himself. I can't blame Liv for liking him, he's very cute!

We ended up studying together for a while. He seems like a nice guy but I don't think he and Liv are very serious.

Greg came over and had the most surprising news. He's moving to Kalaupapa Island and he doesn't even know when he's coming back! He was actually on his way to the airport and he came to say goodbye.

I knew he was pretty upset when he was expelled from college and he has been talking about a change of scenery but it still came as a shock!

He said that he's gonna miss us so much but this is something he needs to do. I think Iona sensed that something was wrong because she held on to him so tightly that I practically had to drag her out of his arms.

"Maybe you and Iona could come visit me when I'm settled in" he said with his eyes full of hope.

He kissed me and then he was out of the door. Who knows when I'll see him again.

Mom and dad have been encouraging me to go out more. They said they'd happily pay for the nanny if I want to meet my friends or need a quiet moment to study. I've been feeling quite blue since Greg left the city so I think going out is a good idea. I wasn't in a party mood so I stopped by at the faculty building to catch up with other students and maybe get some good advice for my assignments and term papers.

I ended up playing chess with Noah and it was nice to actually spend time with adults for a while. I've been so cooped up at home with Iona. This was my first time at the faculty building and I've been studying here for almost two years now!

The nanny had already put Iona to bed by the time I got home so I sneaked up to her room and gave her a kiss. She's growing out of her crib so I'll have to buy her a bigger bed soon.

Can you believe it, we were burglared! I was already in my pyjamas getting ready for bed. I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom when I heard the alarm go off. My initial instinct was to run upstairs to protect Iona but luckily I heard the police car pull over immediately.

Officer Futa handcuffed the perp and put him in the backseat of his car. He even came back and made sure we were both ok. He had been driving around the campus when he got the call so he was able to come so quickly. I'm just glad no-one was hurt.

I've been reading to Iona a lot lately. She's always asking for a story about teddy bears so I've been reading "A Bear called Paddington". It was my favorite character when I was a kid.

Iona usually takes a nap in the afternoon and I try to get some sleep too. I've been staying up late to catch up on my studies. I don't think I'll get as good grades as I did on my freshman year but I'm still doing pretty well for a single mom.

We usually take a little stroll around the campus. There's a playground near our house and Iona always wants to go there.

Life isn't always easy but I'm happy in our little world.

Erin A+ and B, GPA 3.7

  • Title from "Maybe" by Ingrid Michaelson
  • Erin rolled the want to get engaged to Greg many times. I'm warming up to the idea of getting them back together but he'll be living in Kalaupapa Island for some time so it's not going to happen soon. And it's not going to happen at all if he doesn't behave while he's away!
  • I installed GunMod's Radiance Light System and I can definitely see the difference! First of all there's dusk and dawn and the overall lighting looks so much better.
  • As I mentioned in a post before, I'm playing the whole university year in one session and one update instead of two. I'm dividing the different households into separate updates though because the posts would be super-long if I did only one.
  • Can you tell I've downloaded new poseboxes?! It's so much fun to play around with them.


  1. LOL, yea I can tell you downloaded the pose boxes. The shots looke very nice too by the way. I love the family shot, typical toddler photo-not paying attention to the camera. The lighting mod does make a big difference, your default skins almost have a sheen to them and the dusk photos are beautiful.

    I'm not sure about Greg still, I want to see if he'll do something worthwhile. I don't want him dragging Erin and Iona around.

    You always have the best hairs in your game. Erin and Liv and little Emily come to mind. Very nice, do you mind me asking WCIF?

  2. What pose box is that with Greg kissing Erin's neck? It's such a sweet pose.

    I'm wary of Greg too, taking off and leaving Erin and Iona is kind of uncool. The song fits, I heart Ingrid.

  3. I'm loving watching you play with the pose boxes. The two kissing shots look great.

    I really hope Greg is good while he's away. Erin has been hurt enough by him and they finally look like they might be back on the right track. I'd hate to see him ruin that.

  4. Thanks for reading :)

    Greg might not be the best choice for Erin but then again there are these on/off couples IRL too who aren't really good for each other and they keep breaking up and making up. And I have a feeling that now it might be Erin's turn to have a little fling and date other men before settling down...

    Apple Valley, I'm pretty sure all those hairs you mentioned are from Garden of Shadows. I have downloaded so many hairstyles from there. The whole "Human Genome Project" section is worth checking out. You might also want to check out Pooklet's blog and the blogs that she recommends. That's where most of my hairstyles come from nowadays. I can try to dig up direct links but that'll take time.

    Maisie, the pose box is by Giu found here. Both the kissing pictures are from that box.

    Carla, I checked out your tutorial for family portraits and noticed there are a lot of boxes I didn't have yet. Thanks for the links :)

  5. Thank you! I've never been to that site before, and those poses are quite nice.