Thursday, 3 September 2009

Autumn 2011 birthdays

Alexandra Hayes goes into labor in the middle of breakfast. Her newlywed husband Quinn rushes over to her side for support.

They have a baby boy and decide to name him Jeremy Uriah.

Quinn is happy to take over the first bottle feeding. Alexandra has already done this with Aaron and Ethan so Quinn thinks he needs to practice more.

There's excitement in the Robinson-Cooper household as Grace is ready to deliver her twins. Sam has taken some days off work so that he can be there when the time comes.

They get a boy and a girl. Ross Alistair has blue eyes and Madelyn Tamika has inherited grandma Olivia's brown eyes.

Their nursery is tiny but they managed to fit two cribs and a changing table in there. Grace immediately calls her parents to tell they've become grandma and grandpa.

  • I'm trying to track down my sims' birth season from now on so these little babies will age up to toddlers in Autumn 2012. All the sims who have been born before I started using this new calendar system will age up in the winter.


  1. Yay, welcome new babies!

    I love the look on Quinn's face while feeding Jeremy. He looks like he's saying "Am I doing this right?"

  2. He *was* actually looking at Alexandra who sat at the table and was finishing her breakfast. That's probably what he was thinking.