Saturday, 26 September 2009

Summer 2012 birthdays

The Fielding household is going through some exciting times as Regan and Max are awaiting for the arrival of not just one but two grandchildren. Nyah's due date is very close so Thomas has practically lived there too for the past few weeks.

Nyah goes into labor late one night and gives birth to a beautiful baby girl, Skye Angelina. Her young parents are over the moon with joy.

Nyah slips into the role of mother very easily. This is what she has been waiting for years. She can't wait for Thomas to graduate from college so that they can all be together as a family.

A couple of weeks later it's 17-year-old Erin's turn to give birth. Her parents, although supportive, find it difficult to feel the same joy they felt for Skye's birth. They worry how their daughter will handle the situation of being a teenage mom.

Erin has her own worries and fears about her future but she puts them aside the moment she gets her daughter in her arms for the first time.

Greg comes to see his daughter for the first time and although he's quite confused about the situation he still feels quite happy as well. Erin and Greg decide to name their daughter Iona Felicity. She will have her mother's last name, they can always change it if their relationship ever leads into marriage.

Erin's father is happy about the new additions to his family but that doesn't mean he approves Greg. Unable to control himself Max gives Greg a piece of his mind not knowing that Erin is in the same room.

Erin rushes to her room. She feels so upset because she'd want the two most important men in her life to get along.

Greg assures Max that he will support Erin and the baby and will take his responsibilities seriously. Max is impressed by Greg's words and they shake hands.

Max goes to Erin's room and finds her crying.

"I'm sorry dad. I didn't mean to cause you and mom any harm. I just want everyone to be happy," she sobs.

Max gives her a hug and says that's what he wants too.

  • It got a bit sappy at the end but whatever ;)
  • It was starting to look like there was a boy streak going on but these two girls even up the score nicely.


  1. Welcome Skye and Iona! Did you name both after Scottish islands intentionally or is it just a coincidence? It's a nice little theme either way, seeing Erin and Nyah are sisters.

    Oh, poor Erin! She'd be all hormonal after giving birth and her dad and boyfriend fighting wouldn't have helped.

  2. Here's how much I know about geography: I had no idea that Skye and Iona are names of Scottish islands! LOL

    I have a system for randomising the baby names: I have a bunch of names that I like for both sexes and then I use an online dice roller to determine the first letter and then roll again to see what name the baby will get. Very nerdy and weird, I know ;)

  3. Well, I actually had to look it up, because I couldn't remember if the island was Ione or Iona!

    I have a randomisation system for picking baby names too, so I don't think it's nerdy or weird. Unless I'm nerdy and weird too, which is entirely possible!