Saturday, 26 September 2009

Living on my own

Round 9: Summer 2012
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Rianna Midlock is 42, Anthony is 38, Emily is 4 and Sara is 3.

Narrated by Rianna Midlock

I love the fact that our life is in order. We haven't even hired a nanny because I come home in the afternoon and Anthony usually goes to the studio pretty late in the evening. Spending time with each other and the girls is the best moment of our days.

I think most people would be surprised if they saw Anthony with the girls. He may look tough with his tattoos but he's just a big softie inside.

He even cleans up the house while the girls are taking their afternoon naps.

The evenings are pretty quiet when it's just me and the girls. We usually play for a while in the living room before I give them a bath and get them to sleep. Sara has started talking a lot lately so I try to teach her new words. Emily is still completely hooked to that little drum of hers, maybe she's heading for a career in music like her daddy.

Anthony was feeling a bit sick one day so I immediately made him a bowl of chicken soup. I hope it's nothing serious.

I convinced him to take a hot bath and then go straight to bed. I remember when I was sick years ago and it felt like I didn't have energy for anything.

Fortunately Anthony felt a lot better after he got up so maybe it was just the so-called 24 hour flu.

Emily will start school next year so we've already moved her to her own room and gotten her a bigger bed. She loves that she can climb there whenever she wants to take a nap.

Anthony and I have been talking about a third child lately. He would really want another kid and I'm not that reluctant either. We have to face the reality though. I'm already 42 so it might not be so easy for me to get pregnant. On the other hand my mom got pregnant with twins when she was over 50 so miracles do happen.

We'll have to move to a bigger apartment if we do have another child. There's no room for three kids in this apartment. I've been dreaming of a little house lately so it might not be such a bad thing anyway.

  • Title from "Living on my own" by Freddie Mercury
  • Rianna is pregnant. They tried autonomously and it was a success. I'm hoping that their third kid won't be a clone of the older girls since I nowadays use the "randomize sim generator" feature in the batbox. Too bad I didn't know about it right in the beginning of Wellington.
  • I had just re-installed the "realistic sickness" mod before this game session so I was really freaked out when Anthony got sick. Luckily he got better right away.
  • Next: Autumn birthdays! :)


  1. This family is so cute, I love his tattoos. I hope they have another baby, but she's right-they need to get started soon.

  2. I'm really happy Rianna is going to have another baby - this family is so sweet. I'm still in awe about Jackie getting pregnant with twins at over 50 though. That's amazing and not something I've ever had in my game, even with fertility treatments!

    I think it's pretty embarrassing that I've known about the batbox thing for a couple of years now and I've had *two* sets of clones in Sullivan!

  3. Carla, I'm still in awe about Jackie's pregnancy too. And I'm pretty sure she didn't even get fertility treatments, it was totally natural. But it happens in real life too, there's a woman living in our village who had a baby in her 50s!

    I really like this family too. Rianna has always been one of my favorite sims and her family is adorable.