Thursday, 3 September 2009

The saints are coming

Round 9: Autumn 2011
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Alexander Greene and Bobbie are 60 and Charlie, Dixie and Janie are 17.
(Danny is 15.)

Narrated by Janie Greene

I convinced Dixie that she needed a makeover. She finally let me do her hair and makeup.

The final result was great. The new hairstyle really suits her and the makeup brings out her best features.

We decided to skip work and headed off to the completely renewed Generation X on friday night. We spent some time playing arcade games but we soon started feeling hungry and wanted to get something to eat.

Danny was there too so we invited him to join us for dinner. We haven't really seen each other since the party at Brixton Academy. I don't know if this is leading anywhere. I've heard rumors that Liv Harris has set her eyes on Danny too.

I don't know if it's her new style or has she just gotten more confident but I saw Dixie flirting with Tom Patterson! I don't blame her though, Tom is very hot! I'm glad she has been able to overcome some of her shyness.

I don't know if it's that he doesn't want anyone to know about us but Danny dragged me outside to make out. I'm not going to become just one of the girls he makes out with. He'll have to make up his mind!

After our little night out things got back to normal. Dixie spends most of her time studying and I work out every day. Dad lets me use his punching bag so it's a welcomed change to my usual fitness routine.

I think the most shocking thing is that Charlie suddenly decided a few months ago that he wants to go to college as well. After slacking off for years he has now started working like a dog to improve his grades and has even gotten an after school job! Miracles do happen.

Mom is determined to get promoted to City Planner even though some of the younger employees at her firm think she should retire. I don't know how the chess games would help on getting a promotion but she sure spends most of her time playing.

Dixie and Tom seem to be getting more serious. He came over and they were all over each other. I think it's sweet but at the same time it feels weird that I'm the last single of us triplets! I haven't heard anything from Danny and I'm starting to think that Liv can keep him.

Nothing gets me down these days. We're going to apply to college in a few months and I'm convinced we'll all get accepted. Even Charlie has managed to qualify for 5 scholarships!

Mom and dad seem pretty happy for people who are about to spend huge amounts of money on college tuitions. I guess they're just happy that soon we'll be out of the house!

  • Title from "The saints are coming" by U2 and Green Day
  • Charlie rolled the want to go to college for the first time this round. I thought what the heck, if the boy wants to go then he can go. So all the Greene triplets will start college in spring 2013 (round 10). Poor Bobbie and Alex, they used all their savings to pay for Patsy's tuitions so now they'll have to get a loan to pay for the triplets.
  • In Finland people usually start college when they're 19 so that's why the triplets wait another year. I messed up with Patsy, Camryn and the Harper twins and they all started at 18 but I'll try to ignore that LOL.
  • I'm sending Tom to college in spring 2012 which makes him one year older than Dixie.


  1. The triplets are very interesting, I loved hearing Janie's side of the story and I can't wait to see the three cuties in college. I bet the parents can't wait to get an empty nest-that should be interesting.

  2. Wow, go Charlie! I'm very impressed that he went from not being interested in college to getting 5 scholarships!

    Bobbie and Alex won't know what to do with themselves with no kids in the house!

    Most people in Australia turn 19 the year they start uni too. But *I* turned 18 that year, so I based my system entirely on myself. LOL.

  3. Charlie did have good skills already so he only needed a few extra points. He got a job in the athletic career and I guess having his dad work in the same field didn't hurt - at least IRL it would be a bonus. He was on platinum aspiration the whole time which always helps with the promotions.

    I'm just fearing that the "no kids in the house" won't be as much fun for me as it will be for Bobbie and Alex! LOL