Saturday, 19 September 2009

A thing about you

Round 9: Spring 2012
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Sam Cooper is 34, Madelyn and Ross are 6 months and Grace Robinson is 29.

Narrated by Grace Robinson

Our lives revolve pretty much around the babies at the moment. Our little ones are already 6 months old so I've gotten back to work at the hospital. Sam and I both work only part-time at the moment so that one of us is at home with the kids while the other is at work.

We can't rely on Sam's cooking all the time so I'm trying to learn to cook some basic meals. We figured that once Madelyn and Ross start walking we won't have time to cook so we try to get some meals into the freezer. We just need a microwave oven so we can heat them up fast.

Sam is just brilliant. He usually ushers me out of the nursery when he comes home and tells me to put my feet up and relax for a while. I don't know what I've done to have found him but I'm glad I did!

We've been planning the wedding for a few months now and now we're finally tying the knot this spring. We got a nice tax refund so we've rented Chelsea Park for our big day. It's quite expensive but on the other hand we get the whole package with the ceremony, wedding cake, champagne and a luxurious buffet table.

I found the perfect gown which fits me perfectly. I felt that white isn't really a good color for me on its own so I chose a white dress with blue stripes and a nice lace trim on the hem.

We both come from big families so we definitely want more children. We decided to wait a few years though. Madelyn and Ross are still babies and our apartment isn't big enough for new kids.

Our wedding day! Sam looked so handsome in his uniform and I gotta say that I looked pretty.

We invited only our families since that alone leads to quite a big wedding party. We drank so many glasses of champagne that I lost count. Everyone wanted to toast to everyone! The wedding cake was also absolutely delicious.

After the more official party program we put on the stereo and started dancing.

Here we are, officially hitched!

We stayed at the park until it was dark. We just danced and had fun with our families. I love being in Sam's strong arms. We definitely have to go dancing more often.

No wild wedding night for us! We were both knackered when we got home. The babies were already sleeping, thanks to nanny Lilly so we headed to bed. We'll probably have to get up in the middle of the night to feed the twins anyway.

  • Title from "A thing about you" by Roxette
  • Grace and Sam actually tried for a baby but luckily I had put her on birth control right before it happened. Their apartment only has 3 tiny bedrooms and they can't afford to buy a house so no babies now!
  • The wedding party was a disaster but you can't see it in the pics. I had the "marvellous" idea of just teleporting the guests to the lot but I really should've made Sam and Grace start a group so that the guests would have stayed on the lot. I teleported Sam's dad to the lot about 3 times before I finally gave up and said "fine, if you don't want to attend your son's wedding then just go home!" LOL
  • Apparently you can't have the wedding arch on a foundation if you want other sims to watch the ceremony. Everyone just stood there like zombies. It's a shame because I would've loved to have the happy couple "on stage".


  1. You can't tell that the wedding went insane from the photos. It looked lovely, I love the pose of them kissing in the end. I have to find that pose hack, it's not decorgal's unless I'm doing something wrong. I also loved thier wedding attire-the uniform and dress was perfect.

  2. Thank you :) the photos turned out well considering that I had to chase the guests around the lot LOL

    All my military sims wear their uniform as formal wear, it adds a nice touch.

    I found the animation box! It's the "Photo Poses Animbox" here:

  3. I love that Sam wore his uniform - how did you do that? Did you just set it as his everyday and then force him into it or is there a formal uniform for download out there?

    I'm glad the wedding at least looked beautiful, even if it was technically a disaster!

  4. Carla, I have the "Buyable Work and NPC clothes" mod by Motoki from MATY:,1243.0.html

    I'm glad the pictures turned out alright :) I also conveniently ignored the fact that Cal wasn't there when I wrote the update.

  5. Awesome, thank you!

    I've "conveniently ignored" many details for Sullivan. Sometimes it just doesn't work out exactly as it should and you have to.