Monday, 28 September 2009

No way back

Tom and Greg come to the Bluebell Hall almost every day after their classes. Their own dorm is quite small and there's not much to do.

The students living in Bluebell Hall aren't very entertaining though. It's the final semester for Thomas, Patsy and Camryn and they're working extra-hard to get good grades.

Chase has come to check on his daughters to see how they're doing. Brooke assures him that they're both studying hard and everything's going fine. She just hopes that Chase doesn't ask where Alexa is since Brooke saw her sneak into her room with her boyfriend.

Thomas, Patsy and Camryn have graduated and they throw a party to celebrate their last days at Brixton Academy.

Needless to say their mothers are very proud of them.

Camryn gets to know Patsy's relatives. She has only met Patsy's siblings and parents but now she gets to meet her aunt and cousins as well.

Camryn tries to have a conversation with Patsy's father Alexander but he seems pretty reluctant to talk. Maybe he still finds it hard to accept the fact that his daughter is a lesbian or maybe he's just gotten cranky in his old days.

Camryn has much better luck with Bobbie, Patsy's mother. They have always gotten along pretty well. Bobbie doesn't mind that her daughter's life partner is a woman, she's just happy that Patsy has found someone she loves.

The party is over and Thomas, Camryn and Patsy say goodbye to life on campus.

Thomas A+ (graduated with a GPA of 3.8)
Patsy C+ (graduated with a GPA of 3.4)
Camryn A+ (graduated with a GPA of 3.3)
Alexa A+ (GPA 3.6)
Brooke A+ (GPA 3.6)
Greg A+ (GPA 4.0)
Tom A+ (GPA 3.5)

  • Title from "No way back" by Foo Fighters
  • All the graduates have moved back to Wellington. Thomas and Nyah bought a small house from Allerdale and Camryn and Patsy moved into a new apartment building in Wellington.
  • I'll make some arrangements next round to where all the students will be living. The Greene triplets start college and again there's no room for all students in one dorm. I'll most likely move Tom and Dixie into a rental house and Janie will probably move there too. That way I can move Alexa, Brooke, Greg and Charlie into one dorm instead of having them all spread around the campus.
  • I only have two households left to play before moving on to round 10.


  1. Hopefully Patsy's dad is just a grumpy old man.....his daughter is a lesbian, big deal! At least she's happy!

  2. I hope he's just grumby or has gas or something.

  3. He probably is just grumpy. Every conversation he's had with Camryn has ended up the same way though.

  4. Yay, congrats to all the graduates!

    Maybe he and Camryn just don't click, for reasons unrelated to sexuality! It's still a shame though, if that's the case.

  5. I figured that since Alex is a bit of a macho that he might have a problem with his daughter having a girlfriend. I've heard these horror stories IRL how parents have "abandoned" their child because of their sexuality which is completely insane! Now that I started thinking about it I don't want Alex to be that stupid!

    He just doesn't get along with Camryn, that's it.