Thursday, 12 November 2009

Autumn 2013 birthdays

Not really a birthday post but an update on Nyah Marlowe's pregnancy.

Nyah is on maternity leave but she still wants to know what's going on in "her" school. She keeps in touch with the substitute teacher weekly via email.

Thomas is making everything he can to make Nyah feel more comfortable. The pregnancy has gone well so far except for some backaches and heartburn.

The latest ultrasound revealed that they're having twins! No wonder Nyah feels like she's carrying a whale around in her belly!

  • Yay, twins! Nyah is a family sim so she has a higher chance of having twins.


  1. Twins! Yay! I get so geekily excited about twins. I can't wait until Nyah and Thomas's babies are born.

  2. You don't have to wait long :) I'm about to play the winter birthdays next.