Sunday, 22 November 2009

New born

Round 10: Winter 2014
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Cal and Elissa Cooper are 52, Danny is 18 and Josh is 9.
(Liv is 16 and Riley is 4.)

Narrated by Danny Cooper

I saw dad checking the real estate agency's website one day. He noticed me and asked me how I'd feel if we moved. I said I don't really care since I'll be moving out soon anyway. I already know I probably won't be going to college since mom and dad can't afford to pay for my tuitions. It's not like I have big career plans but I still would've loved to get a proper education.

A couple of days later I saw mom laughing with Josh in the kitchen. I haven't seen her this happy and relaxed in a very long time. She told me that they had sold the house and that we would be moving to the Rue de Jardin apartment building in Exmoor.

She also told me that they would be able to send me to college now since they got quite a good money from selling the house!

Mom went ballistic when she was cleaning the house and noticed the huge pile of homework that was lying on my bedroom floor. I had thought of throwing them to the garbage bin but after hearing I could go to college I thought otherwise. I can't let my grades slip down now!

The move went swiftly. I even have my own room now! I asked if I could get a double bed but I should've known the answer after what happened with Janie a couple of years ago.

It's funny how different our life is after moving here. Mom and dad no longer look like they're carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Mom was even able to finish her novel Moon over Southwest which she started writing years ago. It hasn't sold very well but she doesn't seem to mind. Just getting published is enough to inspire her to write more.

I've become the official babysitter whenever I have a day off from my after-school job. I try to come up with different stuff to do so that Josh doesn't get bored. We went swimming one day after he came home from school. The other day Denise and Ben had to take Liam to the doctor so they called and asked if I could babysit Riley as well. Thank god there's a playground outside our building. All I had to do was sit on the bench and make sure the kids don't go near the road.

Liv came over as well. We haven't really seen each other for ages except in school. I think we were both feeling a bit awkward about our kiss ages ago. I've missed her. We were such good friends but hormones got in our way.

Mom came home from work and cooked some spaghetti. She's been promoted to SWAT Team Leader which is pretty cool. She's the first woman ever in that position in our town. I think Riley was a bit disappointed when he heard that grandma doesn't use bombs in her line of work.

She had bought this game about llamas or something so she gathered the kids around the table and they played for a while.

Liv and I tried out the latest dance moves. She's really into music and is a great dancer so she taught me some easy moves. I can honestly say that I don't have any romantic feelings for her. And I got the impression that she has a crush on some college guy so she's happy to be just friends.

It's kind of embarrasing to see my parents flirt with each other. Especially since they're getting much more action than I am. I haven't seen Janie since she went off to college. And from what I've heard she's really not missing me. Liv told me that Janie's dating Erin Fielding's ex-boyfriend, Greg something. Well dating isn't the word Liv used. She said they're sleeping together. Which got me thinking that I definitely don't want to move into the same dorm with them!

I've already sent my application to Brixton although I won't be starting until next year. I've gotten 5 scholarships so hopefully I can rent a house far away from Janie and Greg!

  • Title from "New born" by Muse
  • This family has been struggling financially ever since they moved to Wellington. Selling the house was the right choice since they were able to pay back their entire loan and they have enough money to send Danny to college.
  • Speaking of Danny, I'm very proud of him! 5 scholarships is an amazing achievement for a Pleasure sim. I'm still hoping he'd end up together with Janie even though she's fooling around with Greg now. Danny doesn't have much chemistry with Liv so I think it's best if they're just friends.


  1. 5 scholarships is great for a Pleasure Sim, especially when they've had as busy a love life as Danny seems to have! My Pleasure Sims are usually lucky to get four scholarships - they tend to be lazy! Most of my Sims who've skipped uni have been Romance or Pleasure.

    I'm glad this family has pulled themselves out of debt. Selling their house would have been a tough decision but it looks like it was the right one!

  2. Okay, I need to make all of my teens get more scholarships. LOL I thinkt he most ay of them have gotten where 3 or 4. So him geting 5 is awesome in my book!

    Good to hear the family is doing well after selling the house. I feel bad for my poorer sims, but I refuse to cheat and let me become well off without hard work, like all of my sims.

  3. Congrats on the move, it seems like it was the right desicion for the family. What inspired the move vs letting the family struggle? Was it ROS?

  4. Carla, I was surprised to see the 5 scholarships. Erin Fielding who is a Knowledge sim barely got the 3 that are required! Only 2 of Danny's scholarships were for skilling, he was an overachiever and also got the one for dance skill. All that dancing with Liv helped!

    Riverdale, most of my sims only got the 3 scholarships which is the minimum requirement for a college entry in Wellington. There are a few exceptions only.
    I don't cheat either, unless you consider moving them out of their house cheating. (I don't) ;)

    Apple Valley, the move was mainly inspired by the fact that I hated their house. And it sort of made sense that they would move into a smaller house or apartment since almost all of their kids have moved out. That's what many people do IRL. No ROS this time.