Sunday, 8 November 2009

Ready to run

Round 10: Summer 2013
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Chase and Amabelle Harper are 58.
(Alexa and Brooke are 21, Charlie is 20 and Will is 28.)

Narrated by Amabelle Harper

We got some disturbing news some time ago. Brooke was put on academic probation because her grades were so bad. I don't know what's wrong with that girl! She says she dreams of becoming a top journalist which requires a college degree but still she slacks off like this. Chase and I needed something else to think about so we decided to throw a party for the other "old" couples in the neighborhood.

It was so great. Everyone was able to come and had a great time. We decided that we wouldn't stress about the food so we ordered some cakes and salty snacks from a catering company.

Most importantly: we made sure there was enough drinks available. The champagne and beer kept pouring into our mouths and down our throats. At the end of the night Ryland Whitfield, our honorable mayor, was so drunk he poured half of his beer onto his forehead!

You can imagine the surprise on officer Avri Futa's face when he saw who were making such noise! I bet he expected to see a bunch of teenagers. Instead he saw middleagers and elders in their worst behaviour.

The next day I soaked in the bath for a few hours. I don't think I've been so hungover since Chase and I were in college!

I've learned to appreciate our empty nest. Alexa will probably move back home after graduation so we're taking a full advantage of our freedom while we can.

We had the twins and their boyfriends over for sunday brunch. It was nice to see them. We already know Will quite well because he got recruited to the army right before Chase left the military career. We wanted to meet Brooke's boyfriend Charlie as well. He used to hang around at our house when they were teenagers but we haven't seen him since Brooke went off to college.

After the meal I tried to talk some sense into Brooke. God knows if it made any difference.

I told Chase to try to talk to Charlie and see if he could motivate Brooke to study but they went outside and started throwing football. I don't know how that's supposed to help. Maybe it's that male bonding that can apparently only happen when they're watching sports, talking about sports, doing sports or spitting or something.

At least we don't have to worry about Alexa. She's one semester away from graduating. Chase is thrilled that she wants to help us renovate the house and keep the mansion in the family. I have a feeling that Will might join the household pretty soon too.

All this partying and eating good food has brought me a few extra pounds so we bought an exercise bike. It's mind-numbingly boring but it helps me to shed the extra weight. The head of SCIA can't be a fat slob.

  • Title from "Ready to run" by Dixie Chicks
  • The party was fun to watch. It was all quite lame except for some nude toasting and hula dancing. The beer and champagne are from Simslice.
  • Will Monroe doesn't have a profile yet but I've figured he'd be 28 years old now. He'll probably move into the Harper mansion next round if things go well for him and Alexa
  • Next up is the Greene-Mitchell wedding.


  1. I loved the party, those middleagers know how to get down :)

  2. "Maybe it's that male bonding that can apparently only happen when they're watching sports, talking about sports, doing sports or spitting or something."

    LOL, men!

    Parties are so fun with the beer and champagne. I still wish Maxis had coded the bar so that there was some effect from it on Sims - I think the TS1 bar used to make them more social or something.

    Love the mayor pouring beer onto his face! So funny!

  3. The parties in my game are usually so organized that I get stressed but now I just sat back and watched and laughed.

    Carla, I think you're right about the TS1 bar, it had some effect on the sims.