Sunday, 29 November 2009

No one

Round 10: Spring 2014
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Erin Fielding is 19 and Iona is 2.
(Greg is 21.)

Narrated by Erin Fielding.

Here we are, Iona and I, in our new home. We rented this family housing unit which is on a quieter area of the campus. The university gives an extra §1.000 to students with kids so that they can afford to rent a house. You have to pay it back when you graduate but it's still a nice addition.

I haven't had much time to concentrate on my studies yet. I don't want to hire the nanny if I don't have to so I usually study while Iona is taking a nap. Most of the times I try to entertain her. So far no signs of the terrible twos that I've been hearing about.

The other students from Wellington have taken a habit of checking how we're doing. I had barely talked to Tom before but he showed up at my door one day. I was just getting ready for lunch so I invited him to join me. Mom packed so much food with me that it'll probably take me 4 years to eat them anyway.

I was wondering why Tom kept asking so many questions about me and Greg, whether I hated him now and if I wanted him back. I told him that I didn't hate Greg but I wasn't very fond of him either. I heard some girls talk about him and Janie Greene while I was in class so I have a pretty clear picture of why he dumped me.

The next day he came over - to see Iona, he said. But he also tried to make a move on me. He said that he regrets leaving me, that it was all just a stupid mistake. I told him that I knew about him and Janie and that it was ok for him to visit Iona but that's it. He slept with another girl while we were still dating so it's not very easy for me to trust him.

He's a great father though so I don't want to keep him away from Iona. He's more than happy to baby sit Iona while I go to my classes so I don't have to use the nanny so often. It's only been a few months since we broke up so I'm still a bit confused. Part of me still has feelings for him but the other part tells me to protect my heart from breaking again.

We ate lunch together - more of mom's pork chops - and he tried to make conversation but I mostly kept staring at my plate. I don't really know what more I could say to him.

I've noticed that Iona has become quite a character lately. She throws a massive tantrum and screams her little lungs out if I don't pick her up from her crib the minute she wakes up. And she's thrown her bottle on the floor countless times. I'm getting pretty good with a mop.

Most of the times she's just an angel really. I was already a bit worried because she wasn't walking but she's just started to learn. The nanny told me that each kid develops at different speed so I have nothing to worry about.

I even managed to pass my final exam with A. My GPA after the first semester is 3.9 so mom and dad can be proud of me.

  • Title "No one" by Alicia Keys
  • I changed Erin's aspiration to Family. I didn't set a secondary aspiration yet but it'll most likely be Knowledge. I put back Squinge's Any LTW for all aspirations mod so Erin's new LTW is Become The Law.
  • I have Squinge's Enable watch kids on all lots but apparently it doesn't work in university. Erin asked Greg to watch kids but she refused to go to class anyway so the babysitting only happens in my head. She has to call the nanny every time she wants to leave the house.
  • I decided I would write three little posts on the university students instead of one monster update. Next up are Dixie and Tom and the third one will be about the dorm residents.


  1. I'm glad she's moved on a bit. Her place is too cute, mother and daughter all match the walls. Is Erin's dress from Xander?

  2. Enable Watch Kids doesn't seem to work for me at all. I remember trying to have Vivienne watch Tate and Trent when Leontine and Brandon went to work and they almost got taken away by the social worker! I just pretend now, if I want that in the storyline.

    Go Erin! She's doing so well on her own with Iona and it can't be easy. I'm glad she turned Greg down too. He's going to have to do a bit more than that if he wants to be forgiven!

  3. Apple Valley, Erin's outfit is from Garden of Shadows. It's actually a separate top and bottom.

    Carla, Enable Watch kids has worked very well for me on residential lots in the main hood. Jackie watched Riley and Liam when Ben and Denise went on holiday. And Ryland has babysat many times. I guess it's not working because college students aren't supposed to get pregnant. I also tried to get the nanny to follow Erin's schedule but she just said "you don't have a schedule".

  4. Erin seems to be doing really well. I was nervous how it would go with the break up and course load.

    I don't have ether of those hacks and just wrote them on my asap to do list.