Sunday, 29 November 2009

Nothing compares 2 U

Round 10: Spring 2014
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Tom Patterson is 21 and Dixie Greene is 20.

Dixie and Tom have been visiting Dixie's parents over the weekend and they decide to stop by at Center Drip Coffee Shop for a late night espresso before heading back to Brixton. Tom is still quite touched by the fact that he was invited to join Patsy and Camryn's wedding party even though he's not "officially" part of the family.

Surprisingly many college students are visiting Wellington that night. They're all pretty used to seeing Dixie and Tom cuddling.

Dixie has pretty much finished all her studies for the semester weeks before her final exam so she gets a temp job at the Cyborg Café. Money's not exactly tight but a little extra never hurts. Tom on the other hand hasn't been very motivated to study so he's buried in books as the final exams get closer.

Dixie knows that things at the dorm have been a bit difficult lately so she invites Janie over to spend a day with her. Greg's been acting moody ever since he broke up with his girlfriend Erin. He wants to get back together with Erin but she doesn't think so. Greg has been kind of taking it all out on Janie even though he initiated the affair between them.

"I regret ever sleeping with Greg. Now Danny won't probably want to see me ever again. I should've just said no," Janie complains.

Dixie tries hard not to say "I told you so". She simply says that maybe next time Janie could try to be less impulsive and think before she acts.

Grades: Dixie gets A+ and continues with a 4.0 GPA. Tom gets C+ so his GPA drops to 3.3.

Random pics:
It seems that Greg and Erin might be closer to reconciliation than everyone expected. This was completely autonomous.

  • Title from "Nothing compares 2 U" by Sinéad O'Connor
  • Dixie and Tom are very eager to have a child! They keep trying several times whenever I play their house. I might take her off BC if they continue to do this because it seems they really want a little bundle of joy!
  • I'm finally starting to go through the older posts to link the pics to my new host. I thought it would be nice to change the layout as well so I can make the pics a little bit bigger.


  1. Oh, I like the bigger pics! I didn't notice in the last post because I'd just come from my blog, where I've got my pics the same size. Duh!

    Erin! You need to make Greg work for it a little more! I keep having to cancel out interactions like that for Lia and Gordon and it's her initiating most of them, even though he likes her more than she likes him.

    Dixie's such a cute Sim!

  2. I would have cancelled the kiss but I didn't notice them until they were kissing. I think I'll put him on her friends zone for a while so that they don't jump on each other the moment they meet.

    Dixie's become one of my favorite sims. She's surprisingly much fun to play being a Knowledge sim with only 1 outgoing point.

    I wish I had the "raw" versions of all the pics I've taken so I could use better quality in the older posts as well. I deleted all so I don't even have old profile pics of some of my sims. Stupid me!

  3. Oh Erin! I guess she knows what she wants eh?

    I like Dixie too. I'm not sure what Janie expected. It doesn't really matter who starts cheating as much as it matters on the participation.

    I'll have to check your layout later. I'm on my phone for most my reading and I can't tell picture sizes on it.