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Round 10: Spring 2013
Nyah's last update/Thomas's last update/next update

Nyah Fielding is 27, Thomas Marlowe is 26 and Skye is 9 months.
(Vicki is 6

Narrated by Thomas Marlowe.

All hell broke loose when my brother-in-law confessed to my sister that he's been working for a criminal syndicate and that I'm one of his "colleagues". Naturally Alexandra flipped out completely and demanded that Quinn must leave the crime world immediately. She also called Nyah and told her everything. We've been fighting ever since. We had been planning to get wed this spring but now I don't know what will happen.

I invited our families over so that we could get something else to think at least for one evening.

It was nice to show them our house now that it's almost fully decorated. It's mostly Nyah's creation since she has more eye for these kinds of things. She loves bright colors and I have to admit that I like all our furniture too.

I hadn't expected that my mom would take Nyah's side when it comes to my "occupational problems". They have never really spend any time together but obviously they bonded pretty quickly.

Of course I want Nyah to get along with my family but I wish they could talk about something else. I guess she noticed that I started to look a bit annoyed so she started talking about music with Alexandra.

Everyone loved the house but Skye was the real hit of the evening. I had to practically fight off the grandmothers after I got Skye downstairs from her nap.

I've made a decision. I will get a "proper" job. The criminal life has always appealed to me because it sounds so cool and mysterious but I've come to realize that Nyah means so much more to me than any job ever could. I don't want to lose my family and for a while it felt like that's where we're heading. I asked mom if she could put in a good word for me at her old law firm and they hired me right away! I start at the bottom but they said that if I'm even half as hard worker as my mom then I'll most likely get promoted pretty quickly.

Nyah suggested that we'd ask mom to babysit Skye while we're at work. Mom was thrilled - especially after I told her it was Nyah's idea. "She's such a sweet girl, you're lucky to have her!"

I don't know if the law career is my real passion but one thing is for sure: just seeing the smile on Nyah's face was enough to make my career change worthwhile. And our wedding is definitely back on!

Our wedding day. Poor Nyah was so nervous that she threw up in the morning!

We had a nice ceremony in the backyard with our families as the only guests. It's quite a big party even with just our families!

It was just as we had wanted. Everyone had a great time and Nyah looked more beautiful than ever. It proves that it's possible to have a great wedding party without any fuss. All we did was rent the arch and the chairs and buy a cake.

We didn't hire a photographer either but Quinn snapped a few pics of us in the garden. This was definitely the happiest day of my life so far!

I took a few wedding pics of the happy couple alone and also with their parents and siblings. I thought it would be nice to have a wedding picture so I'll probably make recolors of some painting with these pics. I was too lazy to get a pic of the whole wedding party.

It looks like Regan and Vicki are looking at each other like they're saying "they finally did it!"

The happy couple with their siblings.

  • Title from "Mountains" by Biffy Clyro
  • I continued the drama that started in the Marlowe household. As I already mentioned earlier, I don't like the criminal career so Thomas got a new job. He's already advancing nicely in the law world so he made the right choice.
  • After reading about all the problems that Laura has had with Photobucket, I decided to get my pictures hosted at from now on. It's quite affordable and seems reliable. At least I don't have to worry about Photobucket shrinking my pics anymore. I'll start going through all my posts whenever I have time.

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  1. I'm glad they finally tied the knot and I am very glad Thomas has got himself a respectable job now!

    Where can I find their couch? I love it - it looks great with the yellow furniture.

    Is that cake one of the ones from the It's Your Day set at MTS? I have all those but if that's one of them, I don't think I've noticed it yet!

    JustHost is awesome! I'm with them too. My server went down once but it was back up within the hour. I've also used their LiveChat for the tech support twice and both times, they were really helpful.