Thursday, 4 March 2010

All the right moves

Narrated by Liv Harris

I've settled nicely into Greenleaves Hall. Charlie Greene is such a nice guy - and quite cute too.

He threw a party to celebrate my first year in Brixton University. Although I have a feeling he doesn't really need a reason to throw a party! He invited a bunch of girls and some of them even ended up fighting in the bathroom. I love college life!

Niall and I are now dating semi-seriously. We're going steady but we have an open relationship so we're allowed to sleep with other people if opportunity strikes. We have a deal not to flaunt our other flames in front of each other though.

I'm just too young to settle down and I don't know if I ever will be ready to commit to just one person.

I met this really cute guy called Emmett at the student union.

We hung out for a few hours and ended up doing it in the photo booth. It was a bit embarassing to get out of there because everyone knew what we had been doing. But hell, I'm only young once in my life!

Emmett even sent me a love letter which was sweet. I don't think I'll see him again though. I wasn't that interested in him.

Charlie's been pretty active on his side as well. His girlfriend of many years dumped him last year and I guess he's now just living his youth for real. I see this girl come and go but she never stays for the night.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out what they're doing in his room behind locked doors.

Danny looks so happy these days. I think he and Janie are great together. They were off to a rocky start but it seems they've put the past behind them and are heading towards a great future together.

I'm happy for him. I was worried at first that Janie wouldn't want Danny to have anything to do with me. I'm glad I was wrong because he's been one of my best friends for years.

I ended up in bed with Charlie right before he graduated. It was a pretty close call since Niall came over for a visit right as I was leaving Charlie's room. I think he would've been upset that I slept with someone he knows and likes.

We both know it was just a one time thing. I think he's still very much in love with Brooke although he says he doesn't care about her at all.

I may stray from the path every now and then but it's always nice to get back to Niall's arms.

  • Title from "All the right moves" by One Republic
  • I'm glad Deacon has no idea how his little girl is behaving now that she's out of her parents' house and living on her own!
  • Surprisingly enough, these kids actually studied too! Charlie and Janie graduated but they won't appear back in Wellington until 2017. GPAs:
    • Charlie 3.3
    • Janie 3.5
    • Danny 3.3
    • Liv 3.9.
  • I have my winter holiday next week and I'm hoping to have more time to play then and get some updates done. I have a lot of cool stuff planned for the blog such as lot tours, hood maps etc.


  1. Yay for holidays! Enjoy your break!

    Anyway, goodness, Liv has been busy, hasn't she? Deacon was pretty active himself, back in the day, wasn't he? Still I don't think it's ever something a dad wants to hear about his daughter!

    I'm glad she and Niall have an arrangement that's working for them, at least for now. It should be interesting to watch that develop.

  2. Carla, thanks for reading.

    I'm definitely gonna enjoy my holiday. I've been pretty stressed lately.

    Yes, Liv has been very busy. She's only 18 and has already slept with three guys. Deacon was quite active, I'm not sure how many times he cheated on Stella but there must have been at least 4 or 5 women! Including both Rianna Midlock and her mother!

    I don't know if Liv and Niall are heading into anything serious. She doesn't seem the type that would want to settle down at a young age.

  3. Liv is kind of like my Claudia - she racked up 3 guys in her freshman year, one the next year and then settled down. She was confused though and the whole thing wasn't really her. Liv seems like she's having more fun with it than Claudia did.

  4. Liv is a Romance sim so she enjoys the whole situation quite a lot. Plus she only has one nice point and she's only 18 so she doesn't really care if someone gets hurt as long as it's not her.

    I don't see Liv really settling down for a few years but I think it's about time for a Wellingtonian who doesn't get married straight out of college.

  5. I like Liv's new look. Is her hair GOS? And her outfit as well?

    I would have never thought Liv was a romance sim based on her life as a teen, but she does fit the type as a young adult.

  6. Apple Valley, I think living with an over-protective father tamed Liv down during her teenyears. Now she's running free ;)

    Liv's hair is an old recolor by bailelizabeth from MTS:

    the mesh can be found here: (at the bottom of the page)

    Her outfit is a default replacement of the NL ruffle dress by Amaryll:

    I recommend checking out her whole blog, she has a lot of great stuff.