Sunday, 28 March 2010

Is it like today?

Round 11: Autumn 2016

Principal Rianna Midlock is 46, Quinn Hayes is 40 and Patsy Greene is 25.
Students: Finn Harris, Lilly Fielding and Josh Cooper are 11, Frieda Robinson, Aaron and Ethan Hayes and Emily Midlock are 8, Sara Midlock is 7, Riley Cooper is 6, Jeremy Hayes and Madelyn and Ross Cooper are 5.

The school has gone through some renovations during the summer. There are new desks for all students, a new computer class room and more instruments for the music class room. Patsy teaches all kids from preschool to grade 2 and has 5 students this year. The girls are already waiting for the class to begin so Patsy tells them what to expect this year. The boys on the other hand have to be dragged to the class, they would much rather stay outside because it's so warm and sunny.

Patsy is finally able to get all the kids inside the class room and they start working on the activity tables. The kids have a lot of fun but Patsy gets a bit bored so she stares out of the window and daydreams about a vacation to the mountains with Camryn and Mia.

The 6th graders get to use the new computers first. They also get a new teacher Quinn this year. Rianna thought it would be easiest for Quinn to start with the oldest kids since they know the drill and won't probably give him very much trouble.

Quinn hasn't completed his degree yet so Rianna acts as his supervisor. It's hard balancing between two classes so Rianna is happy to see that everything seems to be going fun at Quinn's end. He has very high computer skills so the kids will learn more from him than they could ever learn from her.

Rianna only spends about 10 minutes across the hall but there's already a full-blown chaos in her class room when she comes back. The Hayes twins have somehow managed to get some pillows and are having a fight right in the middle of the class.

Rianna thinks it's best to separate these two so that they would get something done. She finally gets the boys to calm down and they all start doing their gradework. The girls in the class, Emily and Frieda, are much easier to handle.

Patsy and Quinn get along quite well. Rianna hopes she didn't make a mistake hiring Quinn so she keeps a certain distance to him. So far everything has gone well but some of the city council members were a little worried to let a former criminal to work with the children.

Quinn also takes care of the 6th graders PE class. He's not much of a ballet dancer but it's easier to keep an eye on all the kids when he's on the barre. Finn still enjoys ballet exercise very much and doesn't mind Josh's teasing.

Josh says ballet is for girls and he would never do that.

"Finn, you're such a girl because you like ballet" he shouts.

Patsy's class has taken over the music room. Riley is pretty good at the violin but his cousins don't have quite as good musical skills.

Sara and Jeremy are practising new songs and Patsy... well, she's just trying to avoid getting a headache. The kids make a lot of noise and mostly it just sounds chaotic.

Rianna still has trouble motivating the Hayes boys to work. She doesn't understand how on earth Patsy has been able to work with them for the past 3 years. Aaron takes a lot of convincing before he starts painting. Rianna has never been this exhausted!

The school day is over and Rianna is writing the reports in her brand new office. It's a tiny room but she's just happy to finally have a quiet place to do all the paper work.

Patsy and Quinn share an office right next door to Rianna's. Quinn doesn't mind since this way it's easy to ask for Patsy's help if he gets stuck. All this is very new to him.

The office is also a great place to meet the students in privacy. Riley is sure he's done something wrong. Why else would the teacher ask him to have a word with her after school?

Riley wouldn't have needed to worry because Patsy only has nice things to say. She's impressed by his gradework and also compliments him on setting a good example for the younger students, especially for his cousings Madelyn and Ross who obviously look up to him. Riley can't wait to go home and tell mom and dad what the teacher said. They'll be so proud of him.

  • Title from "Is it like today?" by World Party
  • Rianna has been using a lot of the money that the school got from donations last year. There are still a few things I'm not happy with but it's starting to look better. The building is a bit too small but I'm too lazy to even think about building a new one at the moment ;)
  • I'm contemplating whether I'll change the age when kids start school from 5 to 4. I'll have one (sim)year to decide though.
  • Just one more update and then I'll be done with Round 11! Hopefully I'll get it done over the weekend.


  1. I love your school updates, do you do one update a round or more?

    When Riley had to stay behind after school, I thought that he was going to be enrolled in the advanced classes.

    Wellington is very progressive by allowing Quinn-an ex-criminal to teach. Perhaps it was only a minor infraction

  2. I do two school updates per round, one per year. I do the same with elementary and high school.

    Quinn has never been convicted of anything and he never committed any serious crimes so the city council is giving him a second chance. But one slip and he'll be out.

  3. Oh, I thought you did two! I was thinking to myself "wasn't there already a primary school update this round?" LOL. I love your school updates though, so I wouldn't care if you did three!

    Patsy is making the best face in the picture of Sara and Jeremy singing! LOL. Riley is too cute on the violin as well.

    Good to see Quinn is coping with teaching! It's tough in your first year but he's got Rianna and Patsy to rely on for help.

  4. Carla, I've always done the school updates once a year.

    Patsy was so hilarious during the music class. She also covered her ears because Madeline's piano playing was so bad. Not very encouraging!

    I think Quinn will do fine and Rianna will be happy that she hired him. He's completely reformed.

  5. Aww, I wasn't aware that Quinn wasn't convicted of to a lot of the other sims his criminal past is basically rumors since usually you have to disclose that type of info if you're convicted.