Sunday, 14 March 2010

Morning sun

Round 11: Summer 2016
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Greg Newman is 23.

Hi Tom,

here I am, all tanned and fit! I guess all that swimming in the ocean and eating fish has done wonders to my figure, lol.

I hope everything's going fine in your world and good luck on the house hunting!

I've done a lot of pottery and I'm actually starting to make some money with it. I've already started planning maybe opening my own business when I come back to Wellington.

I know everyone in Wellington hates me for the way I've treated Erin but nobody hates me more than I do. I've finally started to realize what a jerk I've been.

Erin and I had a long conversation on the phone some time ago. She's met someone and I'm happy for her. After the way I've treated her I'm glad that she's still able to trust enough to love. She said I'm still Iona's father and she would never stop me from seeing my daughter.

I've been hanging out with some of the locals here. The camping grounds don't seem to attract tourists, they prefer the hotels. There's just one guy staying here at the moment. He's a bit weird but it's nice to have company.

I've become friends over the last few months with a local woman called Malia. We seem to have a lot in common and we can talk for hours about anything. I've told her about Iona and all the bad decisions I've made in the past. She doesn't seem to judge me. She just says everyone makes mistakes.

Lately we've become more than just friends. I don't know where this is going though. I'll probably move back to Wellington in a few months and the distance might be a bit too much.

I even spent some of my hard-earned money and took her out on date. We had dinner at this fancy restaurant in one of the hotels. It was really nice.

I haven't set a date for my return but I've already started buying souvenirs. Don't expect much, I'm mainly buying some island stuff for Iona.

I'll see you in a few months.


  • Title reference: Morning sun by Robbie Williams
  • I'm starting to like Greg - which I didn't think was even possible! I think he's finally started to grow up.
  • Greg and Malia have 3 bolts and they've both already rolled up wants to get engaged to each other. Who knows, I might move her to Wellington too.
  • Greg will probably move back to Wellington in the Winter 2017. He will become a playable NPC since he's no longer romantically involved with a playable and he was a townie before he and Erin started dating.


  1. Wow, time is flying. I'm a bit slow on the whole liking Greg, but he's tolerable now ^_^ With all the soul searching he's been doing, he should have spent some time with the wise man :P

    How do you move through the years so fast? It's 2016 now in Wellington, when you started Rianna and Regan were just a teens, now Rianna's a mother and Regan's a grandmother.

  2. Apple Valley, I was actually very annoyed at first when I noticed that Greg was next on my play schedule. But I think he's really trying to be a better man and that makes him more likeable. Or at least tolerable ;)

    I used a totally different calendar system when I started. I've only used this one for 4 rounds now. When I first started playing Wellington I used to play each family for 5 days and that counted as 5 years so everything happened a lot faster back then :)

  3. LOL, I think Greg might be growing up too! It's good to see. It's nice that he's found someone too and that he's happy for Erin and Tobias.

    I noticed Greg was getting a little pudgy last time we saw him! He looks good, all fit and everything. The beard looks good on him too.

  4. Carla, I think it's about time for Greg to grow up! It was a real whirlwind romance for him with Malia but they seem to make a good couple.

    I wanted to give him a sort of beach bum look since he probably doesn't bother to shave very often or get a haircut. He likes good food and doesn't exercise so he puts on weight quite easily.

  5. Yeah, that sounds like my Tate and Adam. Too much cooking and not enough exercise! ;)