Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Last weekend

Round 11: Autumn 2016

Principal Nyah Marlowe is 30.
Students: Nena Kirby is 16, Stephen Marlowe and Cassie Hooper are 15, Eddie Baldwin and Drake Saunders are 14 and Dawn and Zach Whitfield are 12.

Nyah is happy to see that someone is using the sewing machine. It's stood there unused since Janie Greene left for college but now Dawn is trying her hand in making some pot holders.

Nyah is quite happy with what the students have made in the arts and crafts class. It's hard to give them grades when someone makes a painted brick and the other a working robot but she tries to judge everyone individually.

Nyah joins Eddie Baldwin on the painting easels and shows him some new techniques. Eddie isn't very interested in new techniques though. He just splashes colors on the canvas and then sees what it looks like.

Zach doesn't like the fact that Nena won't sit in the same table with him during lunch. And that Eddie is sitting with her. Zach jokes around with the others but he keeps his eyes on Nena the whole time.
Dawn and Stephen have forgotten all about lunch and are chatting in the library. They've been friends since they were kids but Dawn has had a crush on Stephen for a couple of years already. Maybe now is her chance since they're both teenagers and attend the same school.

Nyah also skips lunch and works on her computer. She wants to get home to her baby as early as possible so she tries to finish all the paper work during the day.

No matter how many times Nyah tells the kids not to destroy the school's property there's always someone who forgets. Maybe they don't see jumping on the couch as destroying it but it sure isn't good for the furniture.

The school got some donations this year and there are finally enough computers for all students. Hopefully next year Nyah will be able to finally finish the music room. There are still only a few instruments and it's hard to divide the students into two groups when there's only one teacher supervising them.

During the class Stephen looks more often at Dawn than on his computer screen. She can't stop herself from blushing whenever their eyes meet.

But after the class is over he seems very close with Cassie. Dawn doesn't know what to think. Sometimes it feels like he likes her the way she likes him but then again why would he hold Cassie in his arms if he likes Dawn?!

"I think you were right about Stephen" she says to Zach. "He really isn't interested in a stupid kid like me".

Zach feels bad when he sees how sad she looks. Sure, she can be annoying at times but she's still his sister. Stephen shouldn't mess with her head like this.

  • Title reference: Last weekend by The Tiny
  • Cassie initiates all romantic actions between her and Stephen. But he doesn't exactly turn her down either. I guess he thinks that Dawn is too young and he doesn't want to wait around until she's old enough.
  • The school went up one rank so the money came from the business perks. I'll probably let Nyah hire a second teacher since there will be more kids next year.


  1. I like how you write the business ranks rewards as donations.

    Poor Dawn, he shouldn't mess with her head like that. But he is too old for her.

  2. Poor Dawn! Stephen is too old for her but 12 is such a sucky age, so I'm really feeling for Dawn here.

    Poor Zach too...Nena really isn't interested!

  3. Thanks for reading :)

    Apple Valley, I thought it would be more realistic for the schools to get donations than some rewards out of the blue.

    Stephen is too old for Dawn now. Three years is a lot at her age but in a few years it won't be an issue if they're still interested in each other.

    Carla, Poor Dawn suffers because of my "12-year-old is too young to date" rule LOL. As I said to Apple, maybe in a few years they can get together if they want to but right now it's a no-no.

    Zach is also in a difficult place because there are only a few teenage girls in Wellington and they're all older than him. Poor guy, he thinks he's so cool but the girls don't agree ;)

  4. Their age difference seems large now, but when they are both older it won't make as much of a difference. I feel for Dawn though, especially watching him accept interactions from Cassie.

    lol on jumping on the furniture. I don't think kids get that it destroys it until they pay the money to buy it.

    I too, like that you use the business perks as donations, that's a good idea.

  5. Maisie, I feel bad for Dawn but I have a feeling that Stephen might regret his actions in a few years. I've always imagined they would end up together but who knows, my sims seem pretty keen to make their own decisions.

    I've been thinking that the money from the business perks could also mean that the school has won some kind of award and gets money because of that. Although in Finland if a school won some award they would probably get two new pencils or something ;)