Wednesday, 3 March 2010

On a mission

Round 11: Spring 2016
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Dixie Greene is 22.

Narrated by Dixie Greene

I miss Tom so much. We talk on the phone every day but he's in the police academy right now so we don't see each other very often.

I've been painting a lot.

And I've been working on the car. I wanna finish it before I graduate so that I don't have to transfer it back to Wellington. We're hoping to buy a small house in Allerdale so we definitely need the money.

Everyone else keeps complaining about the work load we get during our senior year. But I kind of enjoy it! I like doing assignments and writing termpapers. If that makes me a weirdo then I'm ok with it.

I invited Charlie, Janie and Danny over for dinner because I got a bit lonely. Janie and I tried to get Charlie to talk about Brooke and the break-up but he just stuffed his mouth full of spaghetti and then pretended like he didn't know what we were talking about.

Janie and Danny are so sweet together. I'm glad they were able to overcome their problems.

It's funny but it looks like the break-up has been good for Charlie. He seems much more focused and he's actually studying!

Tom came over for a surprise visit. It was so good to see him. I got used to living with him so it's been hard to live alone. But soon we'll be together again.

He's already seen some houses and we're gonna check out the ones he thought were suitable for us. We're looking for something that we can afford without a loan so it's gonna be tiny. Someday we'll live in a gorgeous house in Exmoor but we need to save up a lot of money before that!

I'm almost done with university, I just have a few more assignments and one term paper to do before I graduate. Life, here I come!

  • Title from "On a mission" by Gabrielle Cilmi
  • I've decided that university graduates will stay at college until the end of the year because it makes more sense that way. So Dixie (along with Charlie and Janie if they graduate) will age up in the Winter 2017 birthday post.


  1. I love that picture of Tom and Dixie on the couch. It's really cute!

    That's a good idea to leave them at uni until the end of the year. It kind of bothers me to have my grad posts in my winter birthdays, even though they're not actually birthdays. Maybe I'll save them until the summer, when the uni grads actually turn 22.

  2. Carla, thanks. I still love the cuddle animation so much, I take tons of pics of my couples on the couch.

    It started to bother me when I wrote the "birthdays" into my play order list because they're not real birthdays. And technically the students would be in the university until the end of the year they graduate because I imagine the school year starting in January and ending in November(-ish).