Monday, 29 March 2010

Too many birds

Round 11: Autumn 2016
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Sam Cooper is 38, Grace is 33, Madelyn and Ross are 5 and James is 11 months.

Narrated by Grace Cooper

I've been at home with James but I think I'll get back to work next year. He'll be old enough to stay with the nanny then. I've enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom during his first months but I miss work already.

Sam usually takes over the household duties when he comes home from work. I keep telling him that he should rest because he's been at work all day but he says he would never get to spend time with the kids if he went for a nap or something.

Madelyn and Ross are in school now and Sam helps them with their homework. I don't remember having homework when I was 5-year-old! I guess the kids nowadays have to grow up much faster than we did.

I have homework too. Sort of. I've been writing articles to some medical journals. It's nice to keep up with the field and the money is always welcomed. I don't get paid much but it's nice to be able to add something to the household funds.

Sam is still much better in cooking so he usually takes care of the dinner. He's been having a lot of his work colleagues over lately. He says he wants to get to know the men and women he works with - just in case. It always worries me when he says stuff like that because I know he means if there's a war.

I think Sam and Will Monroe talked mainly about raising twins though. Will and his fiancée have 5 months old twin boys so I guess he wanted to hear some tips.

Sam usually takes care of James in the morning before going to work so that I can take a shower and have breakfast. He's quite a demanding baby and doesn't like to be left in his crib for a long time.

I usually try to read something during the day while James plays with his toys.

He gets in a bad mood pretty quickly though so it's hard to concentrate.

I've had much better luck with the bouncy chair that we bought him. He can sit there up to 30 minutes before he starts screaming his little lungs out.

Sam told me that the military has founded a charity organization for orphaned children who live in the world's war zones. He would love to donate something but money is really tight right now.

He and the other military men and women who live in Wellington decided that each of them would donate one day's salary to the trust fund. Many of these people have children so it's a subject close to their hearts. Samuel Lind is the newest member of Sam's crew but he was on board with the plan immediately.

Sam and I decided to go a bit further. We donated 10% of our networth, which isn't much since we still got about €40,000 of mortgage left. We both feel it's important to help others in need.

Our romantic life has been pretty dead since James was born There's just no time! We manage to steal a kiss here and there but I really miss spending quality time together.

I usually go to bed quite early in the evening after I've gotten the kids to bed. James has started to sleep through the night so at least we don't have to get up in the middle of the night to feed him or change his diaper.

I don't know where Sam gets his energy! Let's face it, he's not a 20-something guy anymore. He either works out very late at night or he gets up early in the morning to exercise before going to work. He's determined to get promoted to Commander.

  • Title from "Too many birds" by Bill Callahan
  • That's it, the last update of round 11! This round took forever (3 months, to be exact) but it's finally done.
  • Sam got the last ROS of the round: donate 10% of your personal networth to charity. It was pretty hard to fit into the update but it's there.


  1. You worked the ROS in quite nicely, I love the charity.

  2. Yeah, you worked the ROS in in a good way. It made sense for Sam's job that he'd want to donate to a military-related charity.

    Ha, this will sound slightly odd but your Sims always have the best wallpaper!

  3. Apple Valley, thanks. I felt like this kind of donation would make the most sense. They wouldn't wanna throw their money just anywhere because they have so much mortgage left.

  4. Carla, you posted your comment just as I was answering to Apple's comment!

    I mostly use Donnha's wallpapers nowadays, she has so many great sets. You can find a link to her TSR profile in my custom content post, I think she has a blog too but I don't have the link right now. She probably has a link to the blog in her TSR page.

  5. Oh, thanks! I don't think I've ever heard of her. :)

  6. You did a good job adding in the ROS. Sometimes it is hard to find a place to but ROS that have to do with money in an update especially since they don't effect gameplay or storyline that much. On several occasions I have forgotten to do them.

  7. Carla, I've added link to Donnha's blog to my custom content post, she mostly uploads her new stuff there nowadays.

    oasisvalley, thank you. It's true that the ROS that involves money are usually the easiest to do but the hardest to include in the story. I'm glad you liked my solution :)