Friday, 12 March 2010

Happy Birthday, Summer 2016

Alexa Harper found out a couple of months ago that she and Will are expecting twins. Now she's eating for three. It feels like she's hungry again the minute she leaves the dining table.

Alexa goes into labor one afternoon right after Will has come home from work. Her mother also rushes back in to help.

They have two little boys, Connor Troy and Dane Chandler!

  • I could have sworn that Alexa was pregnant with one baby but the pregnancy scanner clearly showed that she's having twins when I checked her pregnancy status! I'm not complaining though as I'm sure these boys will be adorable. It's hard to tell the kids apart now since they've both inherited their father's skintone, brown eyes and black hair.


  1. Congrats on the twins. Alexa's outfit looks like it might be seperates. Do you have a pregnancy hack for seperates?

  2. Apple Valley, you're right, Alexa's outfit is a separate top and bottom. I have Squinge's Pregnancy Wear Any Outfit hack and some of the separate meshes in my game have a pregnant morph. I think the top is from MTS2, the pants are Maxis.

  3. Yay, twins! Welcome Connor and Dane!

    Do Alexa or Will have the twin lifetime benefit? That doesn't kick in until the second trimester, so it's easier to be completely shocked - I've missed it in the past!

  4. Carla, I always forget the twin benefit! I know for sure that Alexa has it and Will might have it too, I don't remember if I've used any of his points yet.

    It's great that they had twins, it was just a big shock :)