Thursday, 16 July 2009

All my life

Round 8: Summer 2009
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Alexander and Bobbie Greene are 58, Charlie, Dixie and Janie are 15.

Narrated by Alexander Greene

I feel like I have 10 kids instead of four. Patsy moved to college a few months ago but the triplets' friends practically live with us because there's always a table full of teenagers when it's dinner time.

I'm okay with them dining with us and watching tv but I lose my patience when they start goofing around. I've lost count on how many times I've told this girl to leave our espresso cups alone!

Luckily our own kids are quite sensible. The girls are working hard for scholarships, especially Dixie who seems to spend all her free time with her nose buried in books. Both the girls also got jobs because apparently it will "look good on their resum├ęs".

Charlie on the other hand doesn't show much interest towards school or jobs or college studies. Bobbie caught him in our bedroom. He was making the bed and his girlfriend stood there looking guilty as hell. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what they were doing. I don't know what we should do to get some sense into that kid.

The league is on summer hiatus so I'm home all day and most of the household chores are on my responsibility now. I'm ok with that, Bobbie is working long hours so it wouldn't be fair for her to start cleaning up the house after she comes home.

I also got to meet my good friend Anthony after a long time. He's more like the little brother I never had. I was glad to hear that life has been good to him. He recently got married and has two little girls. We had a fun day watching sports and talking.

Bobbie invited Patsy and her girlfriend Camryn over for lunch before they start their second semester at Brixton Academy.

I'm still a bit confused about the idea that my little girl has a girlfriend but I'll get used to it. Camryn seems like a sweet girl and Bobbie says she's really easy to get along with.

I was so proud when Patsy told us how well her studies are going. She's quite family-oriented so I was a bit worried if she would be able to concentrate on her studies but she wants to become a teacher so good grades are pretty essential.

The girls left in the evening after promising us they would come to visit us again soon.

I found an old wrecked car for Dixie to fix up and she's been in the back yard working on the engine almost every day. I think she plans to give the car to her brother once it's finished.

I woke up to some strange noise one night. We were being burglared! I called the cops immediately.

The police came pretty quickly and officer Futa was able to arrest the burglar. We got some money back from insurance so we were able to replace the tv.

The worst thing is that Dixie's wrecked car was gone! I don't know what the burglar gang will do with the piece of crap but it made Dixie so sad when she saw it was gone. I promised I would find her a new one so she could start the project again.

Bobbie and I have barely had any time for each other lately because of all the commotion. I think I'll take her on a trip somewhere so we can spend some quality time together. The kids are old enough to take care of themselves for a few days.

  • Title from "All my life" by Foo Fighters
  • Bobbie and Alex will age to elders at the end of this round (in December 2010). I think I'll hold one huge party to all my "old" sims then.
  • You may have noticed that I gave up the idea that each update represents 2 months. I had 12 households when I came up with that idea but now I only have 11 (you'll see why in the next update). So now I'm tracking them down by season and I've changed that little detail to all my posts on round 8.


  1. Wow, they have thier hands full with the triplets. I love reading Wellington's posts and drooling over the photos-those graphics are so crisp and clear.

  2. Actually I edit my pics a bit. I use SimCamera for the screencaps and then I crop, resize and sharpen them. But that's pretty much how my game looks now that I got a new video card. The graphics really are crisp and clear.

    The triplets are fun to play because they all have their own different personality. Charlie won't probably go to college since he doesn't seem to have any desire for that.

  3. I am scared of the T word. lol I atually have the mod in my game, but haven't had teh guts to actually use it.

    So Charlie won't go to college. Higher learning isn't for everyone. I'm sure he'll find something to do with him life. Hopefully he want be a layabout when he gets old.

    And having sex when his parents are home... classy! ROFL Teens man. They are a handful.

  4. I have the mod but I haven't used the "random" feature since these triplets were born. Nowadays I just pick "original". I like the fact that you can pick which parent stays home with the kids.

    Charlie won't go to college unless he rolls the want. He meets the requirements so that's not a problem. So far he hasn't rolled the want even once. He's Pleasure so I guess education isn't his first priority.

  5. Scary, triplets! There's no way you'll find that mod in my game, LOL! Brave simmers, indeed.

    Haha, oh boy, Charlie got busted! Maybe he should be the one forced to do nasty chores like cleaning dirty dog houses? ;)

  6. Actually Charlie has been doing a lot of chores after that incident, I just didn't take pictures of it. It seems fair since he hasn't even gotten an after-school job like the girls did. I see him as sort of a slacker, being a pleasure sim he just wants to have fun and not take any responsibilities.

  7. Ha, he must be sucking up! He was lucky his mum didn't walk in a few minutes earlier!

    This must still be a hectic house but it would be nothing compared to what it was like when they were toddlers!