Thursday, 23 July 2009

Laughing with

Round 8: Spring 2010

The new students are getting to know each other. Lilly, Josh and Finn are all starting school this spring.

The returning students are glad to see each other after the Christmas holidays. Liv and Zach hug each other while Dawn and Stephen choose a more formal greeting.

Rianna has her hands full with the new students as they don't seem so keen to do their gradework. The bigger kids now that the sooner they finish their work, the sooner they get on recess.

It's raining cats and dogs but the kids don't mind. Rianna joins them outside to make sure that there won't be any problems.

The kids enjoy lunch before their art class.

Thanks to donations, Rianna has finally been able to buy easels so she can teach art for the kids.

Stephen turns out to be quite talented for his age, Rianna is pretty sure she didn't paint like this when she was 9 years old!

  • Title from "Laughing with" by Regina Spektor
  • It looks funny when little kids paint these amazing landscapes. I have to make a new default paintings set with simplier paintings so it looks more realistic.
  • The donations so far are in fact the business perks. The kids seem to enjoy school since they get customer loyalty starts and the school is already in rank 3.


  1. I love Rianne's outfit, WCIF? I need one of those in real life! Too cute!

    Wow, Stephan has a lot of talent! What is his OTH?

  2. Rianna's outfit is actually a separate top and skirt. The top is from Fashion Twist

    The skirt is from TSR by Xandher (using Shannanigan's mesh)

    I use a default replacement set for the paintings so I'm not sure how many creativity points Stephen has. His OTH is Sports.

  3. That is a lovely outfit. I can see Tyra rocking it on ANTM. FIERCE! LOL

    I love your school, it has such a homey feeling to it. I think my elementary school is rank three and my high school is rank 2. I was surprised that the students liked both places enough to give stars.

  4. The school is based on the school that I went to as a kid. It's a small school in our village and probably about 70 years old. My dad went there too as a kid.

    I'm always surprised when the students give stars, I didn't expect them to like their school that much.

  5. I always love having a look at everyone else's schools. Schools are fun to play.

    CissieMae, have you seen the modified easels at TSR? They might work well for what you want because there's a special option to do child paintings. If I remember who made them, I'll post again but it's completely slipping my mind right now.

  6. I'd love those easels! I think I saw them once but for some reason I didn't download them and now I can't remember who made them!